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Camila Cabello is a “Beautiful” Angel in Bazzi’s New Single (Lyrics Review and Song Meaning)

Bazzi just may have earned a top chart hit with his latest single “Beautiful” remix featuring Camila Cabello. Bazzi premiered the original solo version back in July 2017 and he met with Camila during the ‘Never Be The Same’ tour. Camila publicly confessed that the artist she wanted to collaborate most was with Bazzi and to this Bazzi responded. And the result is an amazing synchronization of vocals and visuals on the new “Beautiful” remix.

The new remix retains the original lyrics by Bazzi and adds a verse by Camila Cabello followed with the outro being performed by both artists together. The music video, directed by the famous Jason Koenig, takes the shape of a Disney movie.

On the day of release of “Beautiful” remix, Camila took to Twitter to share how this collaboration came to be.

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The video unfolds with Camila Cabello attending a party dressed with angel wings. She arrives in a chariot and she wanders around this party in seclusion. Bazzi notices and follows her, but before they could complete their dance or a kiss, the clock strikes 12 midnight and Camila disappears. A modern-day Cinderella story?

Lyrics Review and Song Meaning of “Beautiful”


In these lyrics, Bazzi says that he just has to tell her how perfect he thinks she is. He cannot wait for tomorrow, because he does not know if tomorrow would come at all. The singer is awestruck by all of her-even her imperfections, every weird angle. To him, she is an angel.


Bazzi admires her beauty when she is dressed in Gucci clothing. However, he says she is most beautiful without her clothes.

She is a bit tipsy at this party they are in. Backwood is a famous cigar brand and Henny refers to Hennessy cognac liquor. She says she is into him, but he doubts if it is the alcohol talking.

Verse 1

The first verse seems to be a reminisce to Bazzi’s first love. He fell in love with this girl who was a beautiful angel. However, their love was not meant to continue with their parents interrupting against them.

Does this angel remind him of his first love?

Verse 2

This new verse on “Beautiful” is written and performed by Camila Cabello.

Camila’s verse seems to have shaped up the music video. She sings about time running out on her. It is just as if Cinderella’s clock running out. Although Camila sings of 6 am and the clock in the video strikes 12 midnight, the idea stays the same. She is running out of time.

Even Camila goes on to sing about her infatuation with the singer. She calls his tough ‘heaven sent.’ Every moment spent with him is a ‘beautiful life.’ Sometimes, mere words are not enough. Sometimes, a physical touch is needed to keep love alive.

This single by Bazzi will be remembered among the fans as one of his most creative and soulful hits. This song is also a perfect example of how simple lyrics, with the right tune, can do marvels in producing grand music.

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Full Lyrics to “Beautiful” by Bazzi Ft. Camila Cabello


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