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Watch Empire State Building Light Up for “Venom” Performance by Eminem

The magnificent Empire State Building was a complete light show of various colours and designs. People are seen awe-struck and recording this sudden lights appearing from this 381-meter high mammoth structure. Only a few people knew that there was a video being shot and even fewer people knew that Eminem had come out of his shell n Detroit to perform his latest single “Venom” on top of the Empire State Building.

This performance of “Venom” on top of the Empire State Building was a combined effort of a few projects. First, the ‘Venom’ movie came out on October 4, and along with it, Jimmy Kimmel wanted Eminem on his show. Eminem also celebrates his 46th birthday on October 17. And also this was a project by Google Pixel, who wanted to prove that their camera was quite superior.

A day prior to the release of the video, Eminem took to Instagram to bad-mouth King Kong.

Eminem is seen entering the building and finding a mic right at the front desk. This makes him perform a stunning act of “Venom” in the Empire State Building. Then Em slowly climbs upstairs and elevators trying to reach the deck of the building.

Watch Eminem Perform “Venom” On Top of Empire State Building

The performance breaks mid-way when Em’s mic stops working. Luckily he finds the head security to Jimmy Kimmel Live-Guillermo, who escorts Em to the observation deck on the 86th floor.

Guillermo and Eminem strike an awkward conversation on the way up the elevator. Eminem invites Guillermo to visit the exhibit on the 80th floor. There is an exhibit named ‘Dare To Dream‘ on the 80th floor.

Reaching Em’s destination, the Rap God and Guillermo exchange an awkward handshake which ends up in a hug. Guillermo bids farewell to Em saying “Thank you Mr. Eminems…” No, that is not a typo. That is what he says. XD

This performance of “Venom” is complete with bold heights, epic showmanship, amazing light shows and comedy. What else could anyone want more of?

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