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Put Your Phones Down and “Check This Out” by Marshmello (Video)

Marshmello dropped a brand new video out of nowhere and we are quite surprised. The new track is titled “Check This Out” and it is worth checking out.

The new track has one sentence as lyrics, and yes, it’s the same as the track title. However, it has a sweet beat and an electronic touch. The music video is actually what stands out and tells the story. In the video, Marshmello goes to the beach, yes, with his signature helmet on.

On this fortunate day, Marshmello decides to leave his mobile phone behind and relax at the beach. He visits the beach to find out a bunch of people there, all glued to their mobile phones. The beach shown is a gorgeous sight, with golden sands and turquoise blue waves crashing. All the people at the beach are unfortunate enough to be engrossed in their mobile phones and not enjoying the waves or the beach. Even the lifeguard is hooked on his mobile phone.

As soon as Marshmello settles down on the beach, he notices a guy drowning in the ocean. The person drowning is shouting and waving his hands, which nobody sees except for Marshmello. Marsh the brave soul jumps right into the water and rescues the lad. Then only everybody starts noticing what is happening. Everybody circles around Marshmello trying to pump out the water from the guy who was drowning. Even then most people are recording/live telecasting what is happening. Sickening.

In a single lyrical sentence and a crafty music video, Marshmello is trying to pinpoint a ridiculous issue in the modern generation. “Check This Out” title is a scream for attention to highlight this issue.

Watch “Check This Out” Video by Marshmello

The video ends in a celebration at the beach courtesy of the rescue of the guy who was drowning.

Hopefully, the message conveyed through this music video sticks.

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