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Dua Lipa Collabs with BLACKPINK for “Kiss and Make Up” (Lyrics Review and Song Meaning)

Dua Lips just dropped her debut studio album ‘Dua Lipa (Complete Edition)’ and it has a few surprises. Along with the album release today, Dua Lipa premiered an exciting collaboration with the K-pop, all-girl, supergroup BLΛƆKPIИK. “Kiss and Make Up” is one of the hottest tracks on the new album and definitely a change of scenery for Dua Lipa fans. The song runs in bilingual vocals by both artists.

In August this year, Dua Lipa teased a surprise collaboration being worked behind the curtains in a Tweet in reply to a fan. In this Tweet, Dua Lipa mentioned a ‘collaboration’ with a black and pink heart emojis and five angel emojis. BLACKPINK group includes four girl members-Jisoo, Jennie, Lisa, and Rosé.


“Kiss and Make Up” is BLACKPINK’s first international collaboration. The Korean K-pop group members and Dua Lipa met during Dua’s world tour concert in Seol, Korea.

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The song talks about a relationship which is scattering apart. The girls want to continue the relationship, where they ask the guys to kiss and make up.


Lyrics Review and Song Meaning of “Kiss and Make Up”

Verse 1

Dua Lipa kicks off this dance track with a reflection of this relationship she is stuck in. She sits on the bed, one morning, watching the love fade away. She tries to comprehend what is happening to their relationship-where it all started going south. She is losing her mind thinking and over thinking about this. Lipa says she does not want to give up on this love, but the guy seems to have already given up.


Rosé and Dua Lipa combine vocals for these lyrics.

The girls say that they feel like the relationship is about to come to an end, and before that happens they want to ‘kiss and make up.’


Dua Lipa says she wants him to be with her. She wants to feel him another time. She is scared to let go of these feelings.

Verse 2

BLACKPINK singers Jennie and Jisoo perform the second verse of “Kiss and Make Up” single.

The translated meaning of the Korean verses takes a similar meaning to what Dua Lipa has been expressing. The lyrics say that the girls know what this relationship is doomed. However, they want to try to keep it alive with the fire of passion and love.


These lyrics are a synchronization of vocals by Dua Lipa, Jisoo and Rosé.

The girls want to hear the final verdict on this relationship. They are heard asking what is it going to be his answer. The Korean lyrics are a confession of how she is satisfied with him, and asking what is it that he thinks they are lacking!

The girls suggest thinking about the first time the guy met the girls and reminisce how he felt and what made him feel that way and go back to that feeling.

“Kiss and Make Up” is a rare occurrence of the girls trying extremely hard to keep the relationship alive. Dua Lipa and BLACKPINK girls deliver an extremely catchy and energetic performance on this single. It is hard to imagine the song is speaking about a failing relationship, when you put the volume up and dance your socks off to this song.

Let us know what you think about “Kiss and Make Up” collaboration by Dua Lipa and BLACKPINK. This song certainly seems like it’s on its way to the top charts. What do you make of it? Comment below.

Complete Lyrics to “Kiss and Make Up” by Dua Lipa


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