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Cardi B Flaunts Riches in “Money” Single (Lyrics Review and Song Meaning)

Cardi B has dropped some new musical bits and the fanbase is going insane. The new song is banging hard with some sleek verses by Cardi B speaking about her riches. Appropriately titled “Money,” the new song goes into details of how she has accumulated a mass wealth in a short period of time. Her sudden spike in success is due to her breakout singles such as “Bodak Yellow,” “Bartier Cardi” and the 2018 debut album ‘Invasion of Privacy.’

In an interview with W magazine, Cardi B confirmed the upcoming track “Money,” which she claims she had trouble in completing. However, the song is now upon us and it is okay to say the song is fire.

The cover art for “Money” shows a naked Cardi B, flaunting her massive, colourful peacock tattoo on her thigh. Adapting to the theme of the song, she is also covered in so much gold and diamond studded jewellery that her arms are covered from elbow to fingertips. Her golden fedora is another work of expensive art.

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“Money” is Cardi B’s first musical work after the ‘Invasion of Privacy’ album release in April 2018. She did not leave the spotlight due to her run-in with Nicki Minaj last month, collaboration on “Taki Taki” with Selena Gomez and DJ Snake, and a sexy performance of “I Like It” live at AMAs 2018.

Lyrics Review and Song Meaning of “Money”

Verse 1

Cardi B looks to assert her ‘queen’ status in hip-hop in these lines. Her recent music has been taking off on charts and sales-wise. For an example, her 2018 album ‘Invasion of Privacy’ reached #1 in the USA and Canada and #5 in the UK. The album was also marked 2x Platinum by RIAA for album sales. Singles such as “I Like It” is marked 4x Platinum and “Bodak Yellow” is marked 6x Platinum as of now. Although there is no direct reference, she could be hinting these lines, if not the entire track, at Nicki Minaj. Cardi B also talks about her different fashion items, which all ‘kill’ i style.

Reference to a ‘Ross’ could be hinting at the social media controversy that followed after Cardi B posted a transphobic meme on Facebook and Angelica Ross reacted to it quite severely. Cardi B says she does not care what anyone thinks because she is a ‘cold as* b*tch.’

“Kissing him on the mouth” could be a shoutout to Cardi’s boyfriend Offset, who also has teeth studded with bling after losing his real teeth in a car accident.

Offset showing off his bling teeth
Offset showing off his bling teeth

Cardi B talks about bling-tastic accessories in these lines of “Money” single. She talks about her diamond jewellery, rides in private jets, coupe cars, rapping and morning sex as things that she loves. But she goes on to say that none of these beat the thrill of getting paid.

Then she imagines riding in her coupe car filled with bundles of cash and popping her head out of the sunroof. She is imagining the life she wants to have. Cardi B is approximately valued at $4 million net worth in 2018. So she really can afford her dream.

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Verse 2

In these lyrics of “Money,” Cardi B explains why she needs money. She would like to travel around in a private jet, she has a baby who needs to be fed with the best, she needs cheese and eggs for her breakfast, and so on.

She openly addresses to everyone else in the industry to warn that Cardi B has entered the hip-hop arena and she is about to scrape off all the money there is.

‘Dasani’ is a popular water bottle brand by Coca-Cola. ‘Drip’ usually refers to the personal style or fashion. Cardi plays on words here by saying ‘drip’ which also means water dropping.

Follie Follie is a Greek-based international company which designs, manufactures and distributes luxury jewellery, watches and fashion accessories

‘Thottie’ or ‘thot’ stands for ‘that hottie over there’ in slang. Even Cardi B is amazed how ‘fine’ looking she is. There is a cold war going on for the best figure between Cardi B and Nicki Minaj.

Cardi B and Nicki Minaj's unspoken battle for the 'hottest body' in the industry. (Image credits:
Cardi B and Nicki Minaj’s unspoken battle for the ‘hottest body’ in the industry. (Image credits:

Finally, an open invitation to hip-hop: “Let a bitch try me, boom.”

Verse 3

Cardi B gets aggressive in the third verse of “Money.” She talks about ‘popping’ anyone who gets in their way. ‘Pop’ usually refers to shooting someone down in slang. Cardi also says that people who don’t have their act together get popped most often. It is unclear to whom this comment is directed at.

“Wakanda forever” is a beloved line from the movie ‘Black Panther,’ where this phrase is repeated throughout the movie. It is mostly a war-cry as shown in the movie.

D’usse‘ is a popular cognac from France popularized by its dark and rich colours.

In the final chorus of “Money,” Cardi B does not forget to shout out to her baby daughter with Offset. She mentions “K K C” which are the initials of Kulture Kiari Cephus-Cardi B’s daughter born on July 10, 2018.

“Money” definitely aims at consolidating her power-status in hip-hop and rap game, which would be a direct shot at the reigning queen-Nicki Minaj.

Do you think Nicki Minaj’s reign in hip-hop is over? Or is Cardi B overreaching? Let us know your thoughts on “Money” single and Cardi B’s recent dominance in the music game in the comments below. If you like this article, make sure to share this with your friends.

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  1. The above explanation of cardi b’s song “money” was executed very well. However, the line “I need cheese for my egg” means she needs money to take care of her baby. Cheese is commonly used as reference for money and I believe she is using the word egg in reference to her offspring, not actual cheeses and eggs for breakfast as described above.

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