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Billie Eilish – when the party’s over (Lyrics Review and Song Meaning)

Despite the eerie music video released for “when the party’s over,” the singer Billie Eilish is trying to sing of a more positive subject. This is the second single off of her untitled debut album expected in early 2019. The 16-year-old American singer-songwriter Billie Eilish is the latest gift to the music scene, and we can foresee her taking a long stroll in the industry to the future.

Billie Eilish described “when the party’s over” as an angry song;

“It’s not really, “I’m sad,” you know what I mean? So “When The Party’s Over,” I feel like that’s such a sentence. It’s like, “I’ll call you when the party’s over,” you’re on the phone with someone and you’re just like, “You know what? F*cking leave me alone.””

The song attempts to seek closure from this hurtful relationship she just managed to walk out. Based on real-life events? Very much likely to be so.

On Oct 16, Billie teased the song on her Instagram page. Her brother Finneas, is the writer, bassist, pianist, composer and overall producer for the track. This track follows her first single “party favor.”

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The music video shows Billie Eilish alone in an empty white room, dressed in white and donned in silver shackles. She drinks something pure black and then oozes out the same liquid from both her eyes. It is as if she consumed something foul and now her interiors are spoilt as well. Does love do this?

Lyrics Review and Song Meaning of “when the party’s over”

Verse 1

Billie Eilish is trying to find any closure for her broken relationship from any source she can. She tries to convince herself that she is not good enough for him. She is convincing herself that she has learnt to let him go. She cannot afford to do that, but she has no choice either.

She has sacrificed so much for this relationship and for him. Tearing her shirt off to stop him bleeding is a wonderfully crafted metaphor for giving something important off of you for the benefit of the other. But none of these things could stop him from leaving her.

So Eilish has to learn how to cut him loose from her life.


Billie Eilish shares her experience of living together with this person. He is never around, and there is a dead-cold silence in the house when she comes home. This is possibly what someone would identify as a deafening silence.

Verse 2

Billie Eilish develops a pretence that could apply in any relationship. She says she will hurt him only if he lets her. This is to mean that usually, it takes a mistake from one person for the other person to cause an issue. In this situation, the guy seems to be keeping Billie on a carrot stick, hanging, pretending to be her lover. When in reality, he thinks of her as a friend but keeps her close in a physical or sexual nature. This gives Billie an opening to bring chaos on him.

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Billie Eilish is trying to seek her much needed closure on this chapter of her life. They have already said their goodbyes, and we can assume that the guy had no hiccups moving on immediately. However, Billie Eilish is struggling on this end, alone, as she has struggled in their relationship.

Billie’s style of music is unique in her own way, and we are looking forward to listening to her voice in the years to come. She has already captivated a massive fanbase with her world tours.

Drop in your thoughts about this brand new single and music video “when the party’s over” by Billie Eilish in the comments below.

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