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Little Mix Challenges Stereotypes in “Woman Like Me” Video with Nicki Minaj

Last week, Little Mix premiered their brand new single “Woman Like Me” as the lead single off of their upcoming fifth studio album. As a twist, the song included a fiery rap verse by Nicki Minaj as well. The song is a token for all the strong women out there, who do not bend down to social stereotypes and lead their own independent lives. Just hours ago, the music video for “Woman Like Me” was premiered on social media by Little Mix.

The music video for “Woman Like Me” contains some hilarious, yet, strong messages about the pre-defined constrictions of modern society about women. The song sings and the video shows how millennial women do not prefer to be locked home taking care of the household and cook. They too prefer to go out, enjoy their freedom and even be heralded by men.

The video shows how the Little Mix girls fail at doing the traditionally defined gender roles for women. And they seem to be unfazed by it. The video shows how women (usually servers in clubs) are trained to balance their trays and drinks by practising on balancing books on their heads. They even fail at ironing a dress as they burn through the cloth.

There is also a gigantic balance scale on which two girls are standing on either scale. The scale is in perfect balanced position, weighing more to neither side. This is a strong hint at equality and fair treatment, which is lacking in modern society.

Watch “Woman Like Me” Music Video by Little Mix

Nicki Minaj appears in a picture frame to perform her verse on “Woman Like Me” video. She resorts to her usual very revealing outfits, which flaunts a massive cleavage this time. Nicki Minaj is seen shifting between costumes when she compliments herself on her chameleon feature of adapting to different eras of music.

Nicki Minaj looking extra spicy in
Nicki Minaj looking extra spicy in “Woman Like Me” music video (Image credits: hip-hopnmore)

“Woman Like Me” will be marked as a modern-day attempt at mocking at the traditional gender roles expectations of the modern society.

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