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Karol G Hot in “Créeme” Single and Video Featuring Maluma (Lyrics Review)

Karol G and Maluma feature in the latest sensation of Spanish Pop music. The new single and video “Créeme” has racked up over 23 million views within 3 days of release. Why? Because the lyrics are smooth like the whiskey Maluma is sipping in the video. And Karol G is looking very hot and sexy throughout the video.

“Créeme” depicts a conversation between two people who are about to break up. Maluma is heard apologizing for some mistake he did, and Karol G is torn between giving up and holding on.

The Jessy Terrero directed video flashes back into the good times of the relationship as well as the present bad times. The 27-year-old Colombian hottie-Karol G is seen changing into a few sexy outfits. Karol and Maluma’s chemistry in the video is spot on.

Watch “Créeme” Music Video by Karol G and Maluma

The couple argues back and forth trying to justify their breakup. It seems as though there is no winner. “Créeme” stands for ‘believe me’ in Spanish.

“If I only gave you love
Why are you gone? (Why are you gone?)”

This new song is not yet attached to any album or project by Karol G.

Drop in your thoughts about this brand new and sexy music video by Karol G and Maluma. Better than “Culpables” video in which Karol G and Anuel AA depicted the perfect couple? Let us know in the comments below.

Full Lyrics to “Créeme” by Karol G and Maluma


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