Listen to Snippet of New Eminem Song from ‘Bodied’ Movie Soundtrack

Eminem-produced movie ‘Bodied’ released on November 2, in the USA and the opening weekend sales are yet to come. However, we know that the hype for this movie is very high, as the story tells of a young, skinny and white boy racing to the higher echelons of underground battle rap using his comedic and spitfire bars. This might be similar to ‘8 Mile’ story, but this is not confirmed to be based on Em’s real life.

For the opening weekend, Eminem went on full promotional and charity mode, as he bought out an entire movie theatre for two screenings of ‘Bodied’ movie.

‘Bodied’ movie soundtrack is speculated to have at least one new Eminem song. eProTeam thinks its the background track that can be heard in one of the trailers of the movie.

Listen to New Eminem Song Snippet from ‘Bodied’ Movie

We can hear the Detroit MC dropping;

“You say I’m cold to the touch
Coulda told you this much
As I go for the guts bending you over the hutch
But you’re ready to spread it
Can’t tell if you’re sweating”

According to Genius, this song is titled “Freak,” however, iTunes tracklisting does not show such a track.

Official Soundtrack of ‘Bodied’ Movie

  1. Bodied
  2. 2+2 Battle
  3. Classroom, Pt. 1
  4. Ya
  5. Ticking
  6. Hallway
  7. Classroom, Pt. 2
  8. Mum
  9. Opus, Pt. 1
  10. Opus, Pt. 2 Aka Crown
  11. Bodied for Life

So we will have to begin the game of waiting for official confirmation on the release of this new mysterious track from Eminem.

Joseph Kahn, who is a leading director in the field of music videos, is the director of ‘Bodied’ movie. He has worked extensively with Eminem before on music videos for “We Made You,” “Love the Way You Lie” and “Without Me” for which he won a Grammy award in 2003.

Have you watched the movie yet? If so let us know what you think about this highly anticipated movie produced by Eminem? Was it worth your dollar?


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