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Karol G and Anuel Aa Feel No Guilt in New “Culpables” Single and Video

The newest collaboration between Karol G and Anuel Aa is blowing up all over the Internet. The new single “Culpables” speaks about a forbidden love between two unavailable people and the song gets pretty romantic despite the taboo aspect of it. However, the singer duo justifies their taboo relationship saying their partners, too, are betraying them.

In an interview with Billboard, Karol G saying she had second thoughts about working with Anuel Aa, given his reputation. But she says “He was respectful. I respect his style. I told him I’d take the risk of recording with him.”

Karol G and Anuel Aa confess their love for each other in the same interview. Karol G explains: “He is very respectful. We built a very nice friendship, much more there, and one day, out of nowhere, he called me “la bebesita,” and from that moment, I became “la bebesita.””


Listen to “Culpables” by Karol G and Anuel Aa

The song speaks how both of the singers are trapped in a loveless marriage. They are both being cheated on by their spouses. Because of this, these two people are drawn away from their spouses and into each other.

“Each betrayal is paid with a new betrayal.”

Despite the taboo aspect of this song, it really is a love song, and Karol and Anuel do an amazing job in confessing their love to each other.

The music video does an equally brilliant job in capturing their forbidden love. The video is not oversexualized, but limits to some romantic gestures.

You can check out the English translation of the lyrics here.

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