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Anne-Marie Describes “Perfect To Me” with an Amazing Cast in Music Video (Review)

How would you describe ‘perfection?’ What would you consider ‘perfect?’ When would you consider yourself ‘perfect?’ The answers to these questions are not that easy. But when you do find the answer within yourself, your life will be a whole lot easy. This is what Anne-Marie is trying to help us find in the new single and video “Perfect To Me.” This song is her interpretation of ‘perfection.’

The 27-year-old English spunk artist, Anne-Marie, has deviated from her usual rhythm of songs such as “Ciao Adios,” “Don’t Leave Me Alone,” “Rockabye” and “Let Me Live,” to deliver this powerful and inspirational track. This song is a reproduction of her previous song “Perfect” from her ‘Speak Your Mind’ album. Anne-Marie premiered the song on November 2nd and the video 6 days later.

Nudging at her body fat, Anne-Marie tells the camera; “I like those bits, they keep me warm.” There on, we know this is going to be a different song and a video.

Watch Anne-Marie Perform “Perfect To Me” Video

The word ‘perfect’ could have so many interpretations. It is such a personal word and a feeling. We will not try to label it for you. Anne-Marie describes that her definition of ‘perfect’ evolved over the years. Her ideas are common and relatable. However, right now, being a global-scale superstar, her idea of ‘perfection’ is “being different to everyone else in the whole world.” When most of us try hard to ‘fit in,’ her idea is to be exclusive-be unique.

However, “Perfect To Me” video includes several characters who are special in their own unique ways. And their attitude towards life is the perfect example for all of us. Throughout the video, the song gets interrupted for us to listen to the different interpretations of ‘perfect’ to different people. It’s a beautiful entourage.

The lyrics to the song are simple and relatable. Anne-Marie sings about how you don’t have to bow down to all the mainstream social norms to be happy. You don’t have to be barbie-skinny. You don’t have to have a face that is spotless. You don’t have to wear sexy clothes. You don’t have to look Disney Princess perfect to be happy or live your life. Life is just too short to be pleasing others.

Let us know what you think about this song and the music video. Comment below, what you think ‘perfect’ means to you about yourself.

Full Lyrics to “Perfect To Me” by Anne-Marie



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