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Hozier Premiers New Single “Movement” with Ballet Dancing (Lyrics Review and Song Meaning)

The “Take Me to Church” hitmaker returns to music with a brand new single and music video “Movement.” This is the first single off of his upcoming sophomore studio album titled ‘Hozier II’ expected in early 2019.

The new single “Movement” was initially premiered at a live concert in September 4th, 2018. However, all the fans respected Hozier’s request to not record the song and release it on the Internet. Hence, the song lived in secrecy until the release.

Hozier teased the release of the song and the music video snippet on Twitter in early November.

Sergei Polunin is a Ukranian ballet dancer, who caught the attention of Hozier when Sergei’s ballet choreography to “Take Me to Church” went viral back in 2015. This eventually paved the path for Sergei Polunin to appear in the brand new “Movement” video.

“That performance itself gave rise to ideas for this song, so I was incredibly proud to work with Sergei on this video.” Hozier on Sergei Polunin –Independent

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The lyrics to this song are as soulful as “Take Me to Church,” however less controversial. Complete lyrics to this track has been written by Hozier himself, alone.

Lyrics Review and Song Meaning of “Movement”

Verse 1

Hozier is talking about somebody. In the first verse, he talks about how ‘cool’ this person is. This person’s movements are groovy, like a still object under water that appears like moving due to the effect of light.

Dancing stones underwater
Dancing stones underwater (Source: bestanimations)

Somehow, this person’s movements affect Hozier. They make him want to move as well.

Hozier continues to express how this person affects him. He is a call to motion; he is a verb-a word used to describe an action. ‘Jonah on the ocean’ is a reference to the Biblical story of Jonah the sailor who gets caught into a storm for disobeying the God. He gets swallowed by a whale. Among sailors ‘Jonah’ is an expression of bad luck.

The decision to go with a ballet choreography, a powerful and energetic one at that, is a perfect choice for a song speaking about ‘movements.’


This person’s actions make Hozier move-move for the better. This person’s movements make Hozier fall in love with them more and more.


In the chorus of “Movement,” Hozier calls out to a certain ‘baby’ who is responsible for all these motions. Hozier invites this girl/guy to make him move, as it comes naturally to them. A bough of a willow tree moving in the wind is often a very soothing sight to watch.

Verse 2

In these lyrics, Hozier compares this mysterious person with three guys. 1. Sergei Polunin-comparison to his iconic leap movements. 2. Fred Astaire-in reference to his relationship with Ginger Rogers. 3, Atlas-the titan from Greek mythology who is condemned to hold the weight of the entire sky from falling on Earth. Hozier draws a reference on how this mysterious person is holding off the weight of the world crashing on Hozier.


The birds-of-paradise are members of the family Paradisaeidae of the order Passeriformes. The majority of species are found in eastern Indonesia, Papua New Guinea, and eastern Australia. – Wikipedia

These birds-of-paradise are known for their iconic dance moves to attract mates. Watch below.

Hozier definitely comes up with creative music for the world and we cannot wait for the upcoming album ‘Hozier II’ and more singles prior to release. Stay tuned with JustRandomThings for more updates.

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Full Lyrics to “Movement” by Hozier


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