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Sabrina Carpenter Looks Stunning in “Sue Me” Video (Lyrics Review)

Sabrina Carpenter makes a comeback to the music game with ‘Singular: Act 1’ EP, almost after two years since her debut album ‘EVOLution’ which received high praise from the music community. The new album released on November 9, 2018, has some very catchy tracks, including the lead single “Almost Love.” However, the latest track to gain her attention is “Sue Me” which sings about how well she is doing with a new outlook on life and herself.

“Sue Me” is the second single off of the ‘Singular: Act 1’ album and the second to receive a music video as well. Directed by Lauren Dunn, the video features Sabrina Carpenter looking like an absolutely gorgeous doll and streaming through life high on her beauty. She wants us to sue her if we think she looks too good tonight. We just might have to…

However, the song also reflects on a personal dark patch of Sabrina Carpenter as well. In an interview, she revealed that the song is connected to a real-life court case she had faced. She could be referring to the court case raised by Carpenter’s former music manager demanding for commissions after she left the company.

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Joey King acts as Sabrina’s friend-in-need throughout the music video. Carpenter goes from being stuck in the home to getting dressed up and dancing around the courthouse to winning the case.

The lyrics to “Sue Me” has the singer being chirpy about a breakup. She has been dumped, for unknown reasons, and now she has moved on. She sees life in a different colour now and she definitely loves the new outlook. Sabrina feels gorgeous in her clothes and self-confidence. This helps her win over her life as well as this legal case that has been putting her off.

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Complete Lyrics to “Sue Me” by Sabrina Carpenter


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