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Sabrina Carpenter Premiers New Single “Almost Love” (Lyrics Review and Song Meaning)

Sabrina Carpenter is prepping for the release of her much anticipated third studio album ‘Singular.’ While the new album is due in December this year, she has already started the promotional campaign by releasing singles. The first and lead single off the album is “Almost Love” and it is catchy and hot.

“Almost Love” is written by Stargate, Nate Campany, Steph Jones and Sabrina Carpenter, and produced also by Stargate. The track is heavy into Pop and synth music.

The new single is accompanied by a music video with a lot of production and a striking choreography. Sabrina and her backup girls are seen dancing and enjoying being almost loved in the video.

The song was first premiered at iHeart Radio’s Wango Tango several days before the official release.

Watch Official Music Video for “Almost Love” by Sabrina Carpenter

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“Almost Love” talks about a casual relationship which is enjoyed by both the parties. However, Sabrina feels, at times, that it could be more than just “almost.” That it could be real love.

Lyrics Review and Song Meaning of “Almost Love”

Verse 1

The song essentially speaks about casual flings and how she wishes it could be something more. She describes the anticipation and build-up in their affairs-just like the hold up at the color lights just before it turns green, and just like the excitement before the curtains of a show. These are her feelings when she is with him alone.


She suggests being in a real relationship for a minute. But she instantly regrets it thinking what she wants is a lifetime. She just wants him all to herself and forever. But this seems like far-fetched given the nature of this relationship.


When they are doing their carnal affairs, there are moments that it felt like ‘real love,’ and not just ‘almost love.’ But that build-up and excitement fade away when they are done. Hence, it merely is a fling at the moment.

Verse 2

The second verse describes how infatuated Sabrina Carpenter is with this guy. She describes her feelings for him with some popular metaphors for strong neediness.

What started as a story of a casual relationship now reveals that the girl is actually in desperate need of a permanent fix for her love life. She wants to move out from the ‘flings’ and into the ‘forevers.’

We believe this is a grand comeback for the promotion of her new and upcoming album ‘Singular. Let us know what you think about the song and the video in the comments below.

Full Lyrics to “Almost Love” by Sabrina Carpenter


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