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XXXTentacion – whoa (mind in awe) (Lyrics Review and Song Meaning)

XXXTentacion’s latest album ‘SKINS‘ has some weird tracks with different beats, rhymes, lyric structures and schemes. The 4th track on the album “whoa (mind in awe)” only consists of one verse with 8 lines and the rest of the 2 minutes of the song is a harmonization with the phrase “whoa.” We would like to identify ‘SKINS’ and its tracks as more of conceptual rather than lyrical.

‘SKINS’ is XXXTentacion’s third studio album following ’17’ in 2017 and ‘?’ released in March 2018. The 20-year-old rapper was working on ‘SKINS’ songs when he was shot dead in June 2018 in Florida. However, X’s camp went on to release a few songs such as “Moonlight,” “Arms Around You” and “BAD!” leading up to the album release in December 2017.

In “whoa (mind in awe),” X is heard reassuring his mother-Cleopatra Bernard-that he was going to make it as an artist and he would shine. He believed this would be the end to all their problems they faced growing up.

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Lyrics Review and Song Meaning of “whoa (mind in awe)”

In this song X talks about his wishes to make it big in the industry. He is heard reassuring his mother that he would shine in the Hip Hop world. He was showing sure promise of it too, winning ‘Best New Hip Hop Artist’ at 2018 BET Hip Hop Awards, which was accepted by his mother.

Just after two albums, at the time of his death, XXXTentacion was estimated at a net worth of $5 million. And he was just getting started. The new album ‘SKINS’ is expected to debut at #1 on Billboard 200 char, much like his last album ‘?’ did.

XXXTentacion had purchased himself and his mother a house of $1.7 million and was planning to buy a mansion of $3.5 million shortly before his death. His mother-Cleopatra purchased the $3.5 million mansion after his son’s passing as a tribute to his final wish.

In “whoa (mind in awe),” X also talks about how he is facing all the dark times in his life. He has publicly expressed that he wants to end his life, in Tweets and on his songs. But in this song, he regains strength saying that he would not let anything or anyone set him back. He also reflects on all the days he was crying in pain and agony, and all the times he felt as if he hit rock-bottom. He was just about to rise up and look at the sky when his life was taken by a gunman.

X cuts short when he is about to say something to his girlfriend. But we can imagine that he would have become a good father should he have chosen to be one. Just days before the release of ‘SKINS’ album, X’s mom revealed that X might have fathered a child. The girl was later discovered to be one Jenesis Sanchez, carrying the baby named ‘Gekyume’ as per TMZ.

Let us know what you think about this brand new song and album by XXXTentacion. What is your favorite song on the album?

Complete Lyrics to “whoa (mind in awe)” by XXXTentacion

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