xxxtentacion i don't let go lyrics review song meaning

XXXTentacion – I don’t let go (Lyrics Review and Song Meaning)

XXXTentacion has released his first posthumous and third studio album ‘SKINS’ on December 7, 2018. Prior to the album release, we did get a few tracks since the rappers’ death in June 2018. Songs such as “Moonlight,” “BAD!” and “Arms Around You” were rather ‘brighter’ tracks than what we hear on ‘SKINS’ album.

‘SKINS’ album has really shed a light into the mind of X. We see back-to-back songs such as “Guardian Angel,” “One Minute” and “Train Food” which heavily build on death, despair, pain, anguish and other similar topics. However, in “I don’t let go,” we see a rather positive rapper who speaks about not giving up. His main reasons stated are his affection for ones around him-not actually self-care.

There is an upbeat tempo on “I don’t let go” track, which matches the idea of the song. The song is the 9th track on ‘SKINS’ album of 10 tracks.

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Lyrics Review and Song Meaning of “I don’t let go”


XXXTentacion talks about how he would not let go of some things in his life. The entire song is based off around girls, who are referenced in a very sexual manner.

Verse 1

In the first verse of “I don’t let go,” X talks about his discipline when it comes to women. Despite his public feud with ex-girlfriend Geneva Ayala, apparently X has had a wife.

Just two days before the release of ‘SKINS’ album, X’s mom posted a picture on her Instagram, of an ultrasound captioning “He left us a final gift.” Although fans speculated Ayala was carrying X’s child, sources have confirmed to TMZ that this was, in fact, a woman named Jenesis Sanchez. Read YourTango for a detailed description of their affair and how their baby’s name is Gekyume. So when X says “I don’t want her, cause I got a wife,” he could be talking about picking Jenesis over Ayala. But there is no confirmation that XXXTentacion and Jenesis Sanchez were married.

However, another interpretation is that X could be talking about being married to his music. His reference to ‘playing with the pen’ all day could be proof of this. He also scrams his mind for these verses and play around with beats. This is evident seeing how vivid his lyrics and music are in each and every track.

‘Thottie’ is derrived from ‘that hottie over there’ forming ‘thot.’

‘Swallow up the meat’ is a sexual reference to oral sex.

Verse 2

The second verse on “I don’t let go” is very explicit.

‘Getting smoked’ and ‘grinding on a rock’ could be references to different sexual activities. ‘Getting smoked’ also means to be killed.

All-in-all the second verse speaks about getting high on drugs and smoking weed and having a good time with a girl. Is that girl a prostitute, Geneva or Jenesis we would never know. Take your guess.

Drop down your thoughts about this new song by XXXTentacion from ‘SKINS’ album. What do you most like about X?

Complete Lyrics to “I don’t let go” by XXXTentacion

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