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XXXTentacion – Jocelyn Flores (Lyrics Review and Song Meaning)

With the release of XXXTentacion’s latest album ‘SKINS‘ that speak about the pain he was experiencing all throughout his life, we thought it best to look back at some of X’s most influential works in hopes of shedding some light into his dark past. In XXXTentacion’s posthumous album ‘SKINS,’ the late rapper is heard lamenting on a song titled “Guardian Angel.” Although no names are mentioned, “Guardian Angel” is sung over the reversed track for X’s 2017 hit “Jocelyn Flores.” So, we though of investigating into X’s affiliation with Jocelyn Flores that inspired him to write this song.

“Jocelyn Flores,” featuring Shiloh Dynasty, appears in XXXTentacion’s first studio album ’17’ released in August 2017. It was also the album’s second single, following “Revenge” and superseding the third and final single “F*ck Love.” In this song, we hear XXXTentacion breaking down emotionally to the point where he is considering ending his life. How did it come to this? What made Flores so important to X for him to break down like this? Let’s find out.

Who is Jocelyn Flores?

Jocelyn Amparo Flores was born on July 2, 2000, in the Bronx, New York City. And she died on May 14, 2017, at the age of 16 at the Hampton Inn, Florida. Within this timeline, Jocelyn would endure so much-possibly the reason for her suicide in an unknown place, away from home, with a couple of strangers in her room.

According to source, Jocely Flores has a troubled childhood, losing her father at the age of four being unable to afford treatments for his chronic illness. Not long after, she would get molested by a close family member, she had told the police. These two incidents led to a lifelong of depression, anxiety and self-harm for this beautiful girl.

How Does Jocelyn Flores Meet XXXTentacion?

A summary of the lenghty information on Jocelyn published on TheDailyBeast is as follows;

A statement given by Jahseh Dwayne Ricardo Onfroy AKA XXXTentacion, details that X knew Jocelyn only for a very short time before her untimely passing. X has seen Jocelyn’s Twitter account and thought she would be best to model for his upcoming fashion design ‘Revenge.’ So X hit her up on Twitter on May 2nd and got into a conversation with the 16-year-old. Eventually, they exchanged numbers and she agreed to meet X in Florida. She landed in Florida on May 11th. In his confession, X and Jocelyn’s parents both agree that initially, X had no intentions of involving Jocelyn for modelling. According to X, the idea only came up when she landed in Florida. So X and J’s relationship up to this point could be termed ‘romantic’ and not professional.

In the meantime, XXXTentacion had hired another girl named Zoe to stay with them in the same weekend. This would have definitely sparked some arguments between X and Jocelyn. On the second night of their stay together, the two girls and X get into a heated argument over some lost cash from X. The argument ends with X asking Jocelyn to leave him and abandon his modelling gig as well. 

Jocelyn Flores on Twitter

X offered to buy an air ticket for Jocelyn to fly back to Bronx, which she refuses and takes off on her own. She tags alone with two complete strangers headed to Hampton Inn on 13th May, and she is found dead by the two strangers in the bathroom floor of the motel room they ordered. Suspicions on murder were wiped off since the bathroom door was locked from the inside and only a motel worker broke open the door in the morning.

A week later; X gets on Instagram live to extend her condolences to Jocelyn. He said;

“There was this girl I had basically flew down here to model, pretty much. Great girl, beautiful girl. Wonderful personality. Showed no signs of depression whatsoever. When she flew down here, in an unexplained way, she killed herself when she came down here. It was a devastating situation to deal with. I basically got on here today to address her and her family. Because I haven’t been able to contact her family personally. I’m on here to pay my condolences.”

XXXTentacion on Jocelyn Flores’ death

In X’s album ’17’ released in August 2017, the “Jocelyn Flores” track was released, and became one of the biggest hits of his short career.

Listen to “Jocelyn Flores” Single by XXXTentacion

XXXTentacion knew Jocelyn Flores for a total of 11 days before her death. But, somehow this miniscule relationship inspired him to pen these lyrics. May be, X connected with her more on an emotional level, both coming from a disturbing childhood.

Lyrics Review and Song Meaning of “Jocelyn Flores”


The intro and outro of the song samples Shiloh Dynasty’s “I Know You So Well.”


In these lyrics, X is heard confessing the influence Jocelyn had left in him. He knows she is still out there somewhere-may be in a better place than earth. He also says that he cannot stop thinking about her, and these thoughts are making him suicidal.


 In the onlt verse of “Jocelyn Flores,” X confesses what he feels after learning the death of the girl who flew to Florida to meet him. Maybe X does feel responsible and guilty for her death over the fact that he kicked her out while in Florida. He says that he does get suicidal thoughts, courtesy of his tough upbringing-confronts with law and alleged abuse case from his ex-Geneva Ayala. But he is too tame to do anything damaging to himself.

X recollects the moment when he got the phone call about Jocelyn’s death. Even for a brief period of time, they were involved together and this left a wave of shock in X.

X believes that nobody was there to help Jocelyn through her struggles, much like he endured. In his livestream on Instagram he stressed the importance of providing help when somebody needs it;

“If your friends or family are showing any signs of depression and taking any steps towards suicide, it’s very important that you support them … every step of the way. … It sucks when it gets to a point to where there’s no way to change what happened. There’s no way for me to bring this girl back.”

XXXTentacion on fighting depression

X next goes on to address his own haters. As per him, there are many people who would like to see him dead. He was constantly ridiculed and critcized. X pretended to attempt suicide on a livestream, which too got bashed and ridiculed. X says ‘suicide’ runs in his family tree referencing to his uncle commiting suicide.

X also references to the stress caused on him by several arrests made on the rapper on account of aggrevated battery/robbery and domestic abbuse of his ex-girlfriend Geneva Ayala.


In the chorus of “Joceyn Flores,” X talks about numbing his pain. He is so used to pain all his life, things don’t even feel the same anymore. We do not know if that is a good thing.

Despite the nature of relationship XXXTentacion had with Jocely Flores, it is eivdent that she left a massive impact on the rapper. Different circumstances may have led to a different outcome, but the 16-year-old Jocelyn Flores is and will be a cultural icon forever.

Let us know what you think about “Jocelyn Flores” song, the girl and X’s realtionship with her that paved way for the song.

Complete Lyrics to “Jocelyn Flores” by XXXTentacion

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