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XXXTentacion – STARING AT THE SKY (Lyrics Review and Song Meaning)

XXXTentacion’s first posthumous album ‘SKINS‘ has a lot to offer with regards to death, pain and remorse. We saw “Guardian Angel” track where X laments over the loss of a friend-possibly Jocelyn Flores. We heard “One minute” featuring Kanye West talking about how X awaits death, and in “Train food,” X describes an encounter with Death as a person who takes his life away. “STARING AT THE SKY,” too, describes X’s pain inside his heart and mind.

“STARING AT THE SKY” is the 6th track on X’s third studio album ‘SKINS’ and is also the shortest track clocking just below one and half minutes. There are literally only 5 unique lines on the entire track.

‘SKINS’ album is not all about death and pain. Tracks such as “I don’t let go” and “whoa (mind in awe)” speak about how the rapper is motivated to hang in this world and make it out big as an artist. However, his life was abruptly ended by two gunmen in June 2018.

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In this track XXXTentacion explains the thoughts causing pain in his head. We have witnessed a disturbing story of X’s childhood growing up and his Twitter account is filled with comments on death. 

The nature has amazing healing powers. X has used stargazing as a mode of calming his mind. However, his thought process does not just stop. He hymns lullabies of death and despair. Lullabies are meant to be sweet on the ears and comfort someone so much that they fall asleep. What would a toxic lullaby do?

‘Pitchforks’ are a direct reference to the weapon of the Devil. All the anguish built up inside of him, remorse and guilt is eating up his heart which makes him feel as if being poked by a pitchfork.

Indirectly, this reference could be for Pitchfork the music website. Pitchfork has been highly criticizing X and his music and his personal life on many occasions.

In the Bridge of the song, X surrenders to a massive scream of “run from your pain” repeatedly. When pain comes within, it is almost impossible to run away from it, unless the solution is to end your own existence.

What do you think about these dark and gloomy tracks by X from his latest ‘SKINS’ album? Do you think this is an act? Let us know in the comments below.

Complete Lyrics to “STARING AT THE SKY” by XXXTentacion

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