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Watch Swae Lee and Rae Sremmurd’s “Christmas at Swae’s” Music Video (Lyrics Review)

Swae Lee and Rae Sremmurd are the latest to join the Christmas-song bandwagon and their entry is quite impressive. We also heard “Wow.” by Post Malone releasing on Christmas eve, but having little to do with Christmas. We also evaluated one of the most celebrated Christmas songs of all time-“All I Want For Christmas Is You” by Mariah Carey singing about being with the one true love during the holiday seasons. However, the brand new collaborations by Swae Lee and Rae Sremmurd with Ear Drummers, titled “Christmas at Swae’s,” does not have a very happy ending either.

“Christmas at Swae’s” gives a look into a lonely Christmas season for Swae Lee as he reminisces over the lost love of his life. The song is not yet associated with an album as of yet. Niall O’Brien and Mike Will Made-It contributes in direction of the music video.

The song plays on a melodious beat with Swae Lee on the keyboards while performing the song. The background is decorated with lit up Christmas trees.

Watch “Christmas at Swae’s” Music Video by Swae Lee

In this song, Swae Lee talks about how he wishes he had the love of his life by his side on this Christmas season. Christmas is not only about gifts and candy. It is also about being together with the loved ones-family, partner, kids, pets etc. Swae Lee gets quite emotional in confessing that he misses her!

Lee’s wish for Santa Claus has not come true this year, as he had this girl under a mistletoe as his wish. The singer feels a strange coldness in the air now that he is lonely during this holiday.

First verse of “Christmas at Swae’s” talks about how Lee contemplates to get this girl. Whatever plans he had to get this girl has fallen apart so far. Does he write to her? Does he wish upon a shooting star? Does he pray for a Christmas miracle? Sounds like he is out of options!

In the second verse of “Christmas at Swae’s,” the singer talks about recovery. May be he made up his mind that he is not getting the girl during this holiday season. So he resorts to numbing his loneliness and pain in booze. Swae was committed to this girl (“I gave you the world”), but something made her leave and he is in disbelief to say the least.

We dedicate this song to all the heartbroken people out there during Christmas 2018. Do not give up hope. Brand new years can turn many things around. Hand on Swae Lee!

Let us hear your opinions about this brand new song by Swae Lee and Rae Sremmurd. Drop in a comment below of how your holiday season is going so far.

Full Lyrics to “Christmas at Swae’s” by Swae Lee

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