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Here Are Genius’ Most Searched Lyrics of 2018

There are literally thousands of new music being released each year. Some tracks go unnoticed, and some achieve legendary status. Some songs make artists and others break artists. If an artist’s song made it into this ‘most searched lyrics’ list of any year, chances are they are quite well off.

A song just cannot make it into the top 10 most searched lyrics of 2018 list. There are a few factors to be met for a song to be ranked here. A song can contain the simplest of lyrics and be a giga hit around the world. This would not necessarily rank that song on this list. Why? Because the lyrics are clearly identifiable, understandable and memorable. On the other hand, a song could be less popular among an entire fan base, but could be one of the most searched songs. Example; a rap beef. There are bound to be many metaphors, personal nudges, backstories involved, that we need to discover the hidden meanings of the lyrics. is one of the best lyrics services online and they compile their annual top 10 list of the most searched lyrics for a year. For 2018, they have scanned their database and come up with the below list.

Top 10 Most Searched Lyrics of 2018

  1. In My Feelings – Drake (6.7mn views since June 2018)
  2. This Is America – Childish Gambino (4.4mn views since May 2018)
  3. SAD! – XXXTentacion (5.6mn views since March 2018)
  4. thank u, next – Ariana Grande (6.9mn views since November 2018)
  5. God’s Plan – Drake (7.7mn views since January 2018)
  6. Killshot – Eminem (5.4mn views since September 2018)
  7. The Story of Adidon – Pusha T (1.8mn views since May 2018)
  8. Psycho – Post Malone Ft. Ty $ign (2.5mn views since February 2018)
  9. Lift Yourself – Kanye West (1.4mn views since April 2018)
  10. Call Out My Name – The Weeknd from ‘My Dear Melancholy’ album (2.3mn views since March 2018)

Watch below Genius’s compilation of the list with most notable lyrics and a bit of backgdrop for each song that made the lyrics go viral.

This list contains singles, promo tracks, disses, cultural evaluations, empowerments, heartbreaks and just pure dance sensations as well.

Did your favorite song make it on to this list? If so do let know why you think that song was one of the most searched lyrics for 2018.

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