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You Are Probably Pronouncing ‘XXXTentacion’ Wrong!

Jahseh Dwayne Ricardo Onfroy adopted a pretty weird stage name when he got into the hip-hop scene 2 years back. His name, style, music and his past quickly propelled him to success. But, unfortunately enough, his life was taken in June 2018 in his hometown Florida, US. Such is the short-lived legacy of XXXTentacion.

What does ‘XXXTentacion’ Mean?

As bizarre as his name sounds, the meaning of it is quite simple. ‘Tentacion’ is Latin for ‘temptation,’ and ‘XXX’ stands for the ‘unknown’ (like in mathematics). So, Jahseh’s stage name would mean ‘unknown temptations.’ Why that name? Speaking at an interview X, said ‘unknown temptations’ would best describe how life revolves around him. Why 3 X’s? Well, that is a puzzle for Jahseh as well.

Before watching the video below, ask yourself how you would pronounce XXXTentacion, or how have you pronounced it all this time. Keep in mind the ‘tentacion’ bit is Latin. You need to have a Latin influence on that word in the name.

Below video by Genius is rather a hilarious compilation of people pronouncing ‘XXXTentacion’ name wrong. We only have one source to know for sure the correct pronounciation, and that is Jahseh himself. Jahseh pronouncing his stage name ‘XXXTentacion’ is given at the end of the video below.

How to Correctly Pronounce XXXTentacion

This video has over 3 million views. That is an indication of how many people were confused with the proper pronounciation of his name, and is also a verdict for his popularity.

Did you pronounce his name correct? Leave a comment below.

X released his posthumous album ‘SKINS‘ in December 2018.

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