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Witt Lowry Premiers “HURT” Single and Music Video (Lyrics Review and Song Meaning)

Mark Richard Jr., best known by his stage name-Witt Lowry is a Conneticut based rapper who is on the threshold of breaking into the big stages. Although he studied to be a graphics designer, he quit to pursue his love for music in 2011. Since then, this 27-year-old aspiring rapper has released four albums, namely; ‘Headphone Hero’ (2012), ‘Kindest Regards’ (2013), ‘Dreaming With Our Eyes Open’ (2015), and ‘I Could Not Plan This’ in 2017. This new track “HURT” is the lead single from his upcoming fifth album ‘Never Roads’ due in 2019.

Witt Lowry is joined by Deion Reverie for this song; the latter performs the chorus while Witt performs the rap verses. “HURT” is a powerful rap about breakup. Witt informed about the upcoming music on Dec 31, 2018 on his Twitter handle.

Witt Lowry loves to keep things mysterious and let the fans come up with theories about his music and the videos.

“The music video is a concept that had been burning in my head after the song was complete, there were a few time when I didn’t think we were going to be able to bring it to life and share the vision with you all, I’m so ecstatic we were able to bring it to life.”

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One thing that was confirmed about the music video is that the underground scene was shot in the same underground BatBunker used in ‘The Dark Knight’ movie from 2008.

Lyrics Review and Song Meaning of “HURT”


Deion Reverie gives us some context into what is about to unfold in the coming verses of “HURT.” There has been a breakup-must have been quite messy, and without closure. And now we are given the perspective of the guy who suffers the aftermath of the breakup. He is with another girl at the moment, but he has not moved on!

Verse 1

The messy part begins now! Witt Lowry explains what happened in their relationship that led to their fall out. In his POV, he believes the girl changed over time. According to the singer, he was never in her long term plans. Maybe, the guy was too naive to think that she would change over time, but it was never meant to be. The lies, the games, the cheating, the money, and random dudes drove this relationship to the ground.

The nail in the coffin was when the guy found out about her cheating. He endured months of self-doubt: if he is better than him?! Whatever the reason that made her run to this random guy, the singer knows that guy would never love her as much as he did.

But it is time to move on now!


Witt Lowry even made up his mind to fogive her. Why? As bizarre as it sounds, he was addicted to the pain-the heartaches that reminded of a firy relationship.

The singer does not shy away to confess that the thought of their relationship still hurts.

Verse 2

In the second verse of “HURT,” Witt Lowry explains the sacrifices he made for this relationship. He worked double shifts to tolerate her luxurious lifestyle. After work, he came home and worked on his music till midnight, often without food. But when she needed her, he would put everything aside and run to her; “Even my music, I put it below you.” And still, he was willing to keep doing it.

Witt Lowry talks about his music making some buzz but not enough to keep them fed. Witt Lowry is yet to reach RIAA ratings for significant sales achievements. His most popular track is “Like I Do” on YouTube with over 13 million views. However, the new single “HURT” looks promising to be a major breakout success.

The music video for “HURT” shows Witt Lowry lamenting over the breakup and resorting to match-making. He fills out a ‘Dating Questionnaire’ which leads him to a choice of women. The way he swipes left and right on the queued girls, makes us think that he is using the popular online dating app-Tinder. Towards the latter part of the video, Witt Lowry comes across a girl with a name tag “Ashley” and he is stunned. Is this the name of his ex-girlfriend? Is this his ex on Tinder?

What do you think about this new single and music video by Witt Lowry? What do you think the artist means in the music video? Let us hear your thoughts in the comments below.

Complete Lyrics to “HURT” by Witt Lowry

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