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Gooey Couple Things in “Secreto” Video by Anuel AA and Karol G (Review)

Anuel AA and Karol G finally confirmed their ‘secret’ love in the new single “Secreto” released on January 15, 2019. Happy new year to the ‘new’ couple. Their latest music video for the single is filled with heavy PDA and a lot of cliche or sweet (depending on how you look at it) romance action.

The couple were spotted in several music videos in the last year. Most notably in “Culpables” video which talked about how they feel no guilty of their secret love. However, in interviews, Karol G told the media that they were ‘just friends.’ However, the intense videos did tell a different story.

However, towards November 2018, the couple’s romance was in full blossom. She posted a touching Instagram post for Anuel AA’s 26th birthday in November. She captioned the post; “I can only say that I HAD THE HONOR of knowing your heart and it is HUGE ❤️ !!!… I love you emmanuel.”

Karol G teased the upcoming single in a naked Instagram post with Anuel AA. She mentioned the release date of the song in the caption.

In the new video for “Secreto,” we find Anuel AA and Karol G in full swing in their relationship. The entire video is filled with gooey romantic bits of the two.

If being a couple makes you let lose yourself and do weird things, this video is a perfect example for what’s to come for all the single guys out there. Karol G is seen licking Anuel AA’s tongue while he is brushing his teeth. If this is not true love, we do not know what is!!!

The couple seems to be in so much love and so happy together. They even have got each other’s names tattooed on their wrists. The entire video is a celebration of love.

Watch “Secreto” Music Video by Anuel AA and Karol G

“And you made me go crazy-e-er, yeh-eh
And with you I feel bie-e-en, yeaeh-eh
And nobody will ever know (Baby)
That I am your woman (Woman)
And with you they do not want to see me (Baby)
But we’re going to hide (-e-er)”

“Secreto” lyrics in English

Drop in a comment on your thoughts about this new relationship and their new single and music video. Love it or cringe? Comment below.

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