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“Bad Liar” Video: Spectacular Dance Choreography with Powerful Vocals by Imagine Dragons

Imagine Dragons’ latest single “Bad Liar” has been quite successful in captivating the fans. If the powerful vocals by Dan Reynolds of Imagine Dragons did not do that for you yet, this new music video will surely do.

Imagine Dragons premiered the music video for “Bad Liar,” a track from the band’s fourth studio album ‘Origins’ from 2018. The album also contained some massive hits such as “Natural” and “Zero” from Ralph Breaks The Internet movie soundtrack.

“Bad Liar” song is believed to be spun out of personal experiences/turmoils Dan Reynolds went through in his own relationship in 2018. Dan Reynolds and his wife Aja Volkman announced their divorce in April 2018, and this song is believed to be talking heavily on this matter.

The music video, directed by Ryan Reichenfeld, is a whole different matter altogether. The video features a seemingly dead guy, hanging from nothingness, adrift in mid-air. Surrounding him happens one of the most beautiful and electrifying dance choreographies ever seen in a music video.

The dances happen in different locations of a high school, and it seems as if the girl is trying to revive the guy with her ecstatic dance moves. But in the end we realize that her goal was the complete opposite. Why? is a question that we too are pondering.

On a more positive note, Dan Reynolds has spoken in public about reviving his relationship with ex-wife; “It’s interesting because it was really hard for me to listen to for the last few months knowing it was going to come out, but now I listen to it and I love it, because me and Aja, we’re kind of back together right now.”

Congratulations Dan Reynolds on career and personal life success!

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