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Luis Fonsi Reunites with Lover in “Sola” Video (Review)

Luis Fonsi had a major run in international music with his 2017 release “Despacito” remix with Daddy Yankee and Justin Bieber. The song won countless awards for the three artists in 2018. Luis Fonsi tried to continue the same momentum in 2018 with songs such as “Échame La Culpa” featuring Demi Lovato, “Calypso” featuring Stefflon Don, and “Impossible” featuring Ozuna. All of these songs are compiled in Fonsi’s upcoming studio album ‘VIDA’ expected in February 2019. The new single “Sola” is part of the same album as well.

“Sola” is the first track on the upcoming ‘VIDA’ album by Luis Fonsi. The song was premiered on January 23, 2019 along with a beautiful music video. The song finds Luis Fonsi convincing his lover that she does not have to be alone anymore, now that he is by her side.

The original Latin song is in fact bilingual. There is an English version of the same song performed by Luis Fonsi. The English version is the final track on ‘VIDA’ album.

The music video shows Luis Fonsi performing at a bar during a thunderstorm. Out of the stranglers who seek refuge in this bar, Luis Fonsi finds her long lost love.

Listen to “Sola” by Luis Fonsi

Listen to “Sola” English Version by Luis Fonsi

You can download “Sola” in both Latin (iTunes/Amazon) and English (iTunes/Amazon) versions.

Most fans are predicting that this song would be the next ‘Despacito’ of 2019. Maybe they could be right. The music video for the Latin version has over 5 million views since the release yesterday. This video might not catch up to its counterpart-“Despacito” video which stands at an all-time high of 5.9 billion views on YouTube. But this is a very smooth song.

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Complete Lyrics to “Sola” English Version by Luis Fonsi

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  1. What’s the actress names in this song? I’m struggling to find her name since ages literally 😡

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