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Julia Michaels – What A Time Ft. Niall Horan (Lyrics Review and Song Meaning)

Yesterday, on January 25, 2019, Julia Michaels premiered her latest mixtape ‘Inner Monologue, Pt. 1’ with 6 vibrant songs. There are two collaborations on the album, which have made very good impressions on the fans and critics alike. The first track on the album is titled “Anxiety” and is a collab with Selena Gomez. The 6th track on the album is titled “What A Time” and is a collaboration with former One Direction member Niall Horan. Both songs are equally profound.

“What A Time” starts off seemingly a sweet love story but quickly changes colours as Julia Michaels start singing “You clinged my body like you wanted it forever,” emphasis on “like you wanted it.” The song changes gears completely as it runs towards the end where love turns into a big lie.

Julia Michales performed this song as an opening act of Maroon 5’s ‘Red Pill Blues Tour’ in 2018. Back then she performed it as s solo track, but was announced that there was going to be a guest artist on the track. Niall Horan couldn’t have been a more perfect addition to the track.

Niall Horan took to Twitter yesterday to show his excitement on the release of “What A Time” collab: “It’s out !!! My lovely friend @juliamichaels has released part one of #innermonologue . This woman is the most talented person I know and I’m so happy for her and I’m happy I’m a part of her life and her music .”

Julia Michaels spoke about working with Niall Horan in an interview with Billboard;

“To be honest, he’s kind of the same. He walks in, and he’s just his goofy, silly self. I can’t think of a moment where him and I aren’t laughing and being completely ridiculous with each other. We always make fun of each other for a second, then he sings his heart out, and then he’s like, “Cool, I’ll see you later.” And all of a sudden there’s this magical vocal on this song, and he sounds like a sweet baby angel.”


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The song starts off with Julia Michaels singing of missing her ex-lover. The sweet melody takes the shape of a beautiful reminesce of the good times she had with him. Her heart races and her throat dries up when she thinks about the memories.

In the first verse, Julia Michaels runs back to a certain fond memory with her lover. A starry night, cold wind and fresh grass in the park, they lay down, he has his hands around her. She felt loved and she felt as if they would never depart. She thinks back on those times and think to herself ‘what a time’ that was.

In the second verse by Niall Horan, we do discover that their breakup is still “not so distant.” In this phase of the breakup, one would have a really struggling time to suppress all the flashfloods of memories.

In the last chorus of “What A Time,” both Julia Michaels and Niall Horan combine vocals to shout out the bitter pain in their hearts. They reminesce back the same fond memories and this time calls them “what a lie” as opposed to “what a time” sung before! Both of them sound more to be screaming in pain than actually believing it was a lie!

This is a very beautiful song by Julia Michaels and Niall Horan and captures some intense feelings of a breakup. Their voices are perfectly in sync and fuse together perfectly.

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Complete Lyrics to “What A Time” by Julia Michaels and Niall Horan

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