5 seconds of summer lie to me acoustic music video

5SOS Premiers “Lie To Me” Acoustic Music Video (Review)

5 Seconds Of Summer released their latest single “Lie To Me” two weeks back and the track was upbeat and the music video was a burning crashcourse of emotions. However, today, the band released an entirely different rendition of the song along with a music video. It is an acoustic glory!

5SOS’s “Lie To Me” appears in their 2018 album ‘Youngblood’ and the song was released as the fifth single from the album on January 19, 2019. As justice to the meaning of the song, 5SOS premiered a music video that was filled with fire, burning stuff, crashing cars and a loud-thumping performance by the band. In this new acoustic version, 5SOS tune down on the emotional rage carved onto the lyrics, and perform a solemn vocal-driven performance.

The band members gathered at what looks like a mountain top during dusk to record this acoustic music video. It just seems right that they chose the timing and location to record a serenading and calm song and a music video. There is a bright red light bathing all the band members and the trees nearby, which reminds us of the chaos of the lyrics of the song, despite the calming performance. Assisted by a keyboard, an acoustic guitar and a shaker, the band wagon delivers a stunning peformance of their latest hit single.

Watch the acoustic “Lie To Me” performance below and leave a comment on what you think about this new rendition by 5 Seconds Of Summer.

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