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Jessie Reyez and Eminem Talk About Working on “Good Guy” Video: “This is Lit!”

Ever since we laid our eyes on the “Good Guy” music video back in 2018, we realized the chemistry between the two artists on the song and the video. Eminem recruited Jessie Reyez for two songs on his 2018 album ‘Kamikaze,’ and one of them received an action-packed music video. Today, Eminem shared with us the behind-the-scenes footage of making of this music video and each party involved sharing their experiences.

Eminem’s “Good Guy” music video shows Jessie Reyez and Em in a fist fight, a quite serious one at that as well. The fight involves weapons and crashing through a window from the second storey and falling on the cement floor below. Best of it all, Jessie Reyez buries Eminem in the backyard and cries with him in the same grave. What is the meaning of all this? “I don’t wanna tell you why she wants to kill him, because I think that’s up to the audience,” says Peter Huang, the music video director. Ele Bardha, the stunt coordinator for the video, goes on to explain how little he had to use stunt actors for Eminem and Jessie as they were “like ‘let’s do it, let’s do it, let’s do it, so they are doing 90% of it and the stunt people are like doing a couple things.”

“It’s just a blessing to be working with a legend,” says Jessie Reyez opening up about her experience on working with Eminem on “Good Guy” music video. “You are like slightly above ‘alright’,” says Eminem jokingly to Jessie Reyez, and she wholeheartedly accepts the compliment saying “that’s good.”

“Ladies, when you’re dealing with me, beat the fu*k outta me,” advices Eminem. “The safe word is go” says Jessie while Eminem argues “the safe word is ‘don’t stop’.”

The video is filled with bits and pieces of Jessie Reyez and Eminem’s sacastic comments on each other and some awesome behind the scenes look at how a music video of this scale is being produced.

Watch the video below and drop a comment on what you think about these two artists working together.

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