5sos lie to me music video review

5 Seconds of Summer Drops “Lie to Me” Video: A Crashcourse of Emotions!

5SOS’s contribution for the January 2019 of new music is a brand new music video for their track “Lie to Me” from their third studio album ‘Youngblood.’ The new video captures a lot of emotions of a falling relationship as sung in the lyrics.

January 2019 was a special month for 5 Seconds of Summer members and their fans, as the band’s guitarist Michael Clifford got engaged. However, after this romance-filled event, the group is back at releasing one of the most painful songs in their discography.

“Lie to Me” speaks of a situation where the guy is unable to move on after a nasty breakup. She is with another guy and the band members question if they ask if she loves them, the band hopes she lies to them. Because the truth would be too painful to swallow.

Ashton of 5SOS spoke about the idea behind the song in an episode of ‘Cocktail Chats.’

““Lie to Me” is about, it hurts when you’re in a romantic situation and the other person is in it for reasons that you aren’t. When your love doesn’t line up. (The song) lyrically is totally inspired from heartbreak but attempting to move on. Sonically the song came about in a really incredible way.”

Ashton/Cocktail Chats

The new ‘explosive’ has a lot of fireworks–as in real fire. A BTS look at the scene of recording the music video was released by Ashton along with the music video;

Watch “Lie to Me” Music Video by 5 Seconds of Summer

‘Youngblood’ album contained hit tracks such as “Valentine,” ‘Youngblood,” “Ghost of You” and “Want You Back.’

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