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Khalid Premiers “Talk” New Single (Lyrics Review and Song Meaning)

Khalid is moving on to his second studio album, possibly to be released in 2019. Moving on from his highly successful debut studio album ‘American Teen’ released in March 2017, Khalid jus announced a brand new single “Talk” from the sophomore album. And in the new song, Khalid is lovestruck, but not in a good way!

‘American Teen’ album made a massive impact on the industry when this then-18-year-old soulful rapper scored 2x Platinum sales records for the album as per RIAA. Singles from the album such as “Location” and “Young Dumb & Broke” are marked 5x and 4x Platinum in sales up to now. Khalid’s latest hit collaboration “Eastside” with benny blanco and Halsey was #1 in UK Singles and #9 on Billboard Hot 100.

Khalid teased the new single “Talk” playing on his radio while taking a drive down a freeway. Doesn’t all of Khalid’s music feels like soundtracks for solo roadtrips?

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The new single “Talk” finds Khalid wondering about the relationship he is in. The relationship started off fine, as per Khalid, but soon turned into a speedwagon. Now he is unsure if they are taking things too fast. He also makes sure to apologize for questioning this, because he admits that he has never felt this good in a relationship.

Khalid asks the girl, or probably thinking out loud, if they should talk first and “figure out where we’re goin’.” The refrain of the song suggests that the singer is conflicted within. These lyrics feel as if he is trying to make him stop thinking this wat he is feeling, because she is so into this relationship, and sounds like he is too.

The soothing music and Khalid’s soulful vocals make this track one to be enjoyed for a long time. Perfect for a roadtrip, don’t you think? Drop a comment below.

Complete Lyrics to “Talk” by Khalid

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