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Queen – Fat Bottomed Girls (Lyrics Review and Song Meaning)

“Fat Bottomed Girls” is a single by the British Rock band Queen from their 1978 album ‘Jazz.’ The song goes on to prove the versatility of Queen in adjusting to very complicated songs such as “Bohemian Rhapsody” to very simple songs such as “You’re My Best Friend” to romantic anthems such as “Love of My Life” and to catchy mainstream attractions such as “Fat Bottomed Girls.”

Brian May of Queen wrote the song with the lead singer Freddie Mercury in mind. In an interview with Mojo Magazine in October 2008, Brian May explained the inspiration behind the song; “I wrote it with Fred in mind, as you do especially if you’ve got a great singer who likes fat bottomed girls… or boys.”

The song was released as a double A-side single in October 1978 with its counterpart “Bicycle Race.” Both songs were interconnected; “Fat Bottomed Girls” ends with Freddie shouting “Get on your bikes and ride!” while in “Bicycle Race,” he shouts “fat bottomed girls, they’ll be riding today”.

Cover art for “Fat Bottomed Girls” and “Bicycle Race” by Queen (Image: Wikimedia)

Fun fact about the cover art is that the original artwork was supposed to be of a nude woman on a bicycle. However, stores refused to display it on their shelves and was hence altered to a woman wearing red panties.

The song was a major success for Queen, reaching #11 in UK Singles Chart and #24 on US Billboard Hot 100. However, the song has reached Silver in sales in UK and double Platinum in the US.

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“Fat Bottomed Girls” does not contain a deep rooted meaning. The song was meant to entertain the crowds and it served the purpose.

The song goes on about the band’s infatuation with girls who have big butts. Their fascination with these women’s endowed body parts and how they are able to rule over men because of this is highlighted in the song lyrics; “Fat bottomed girls, you make the rockin’ world go ’round.” Literally, anything can be done by women imploring the weaknesses of men for their sexual appetites.

In the firsr verse, we hear Queen singing about how these sexual appetites develop in a young boy. The youngster is not even going to the nursery, but he will develop affectionate feelings via older wome-usually a nanny. A nanny or a female caretaker would look after the young boy until his parents return home from work. In this time, the nanny may feed the boy, bathe the boy and even caress the boy. The boy, being of inexperienced, might read these sings wrong.

In the second verse of “Fat Bottomed Girls,” Brian May writes of meeting all kinds of ‘floozy’ women during their world tours. By 1978, when this album was released, Queen was a veteran band with a massive fan base. ‘Floozy’ stands to mean women who are on the prowl for sexual adventures and boast the stories with others. One can only imagine the conquests they had while on tour. A little taste of this is given in the recent Queen biopic movie ‘Bohemian Rhapsody.’

In the third verse, Queen sings of a common social issue that pushes these women to be ‘floozy.’ “Mortgages and home” issues that have them looking for ways out; and the singers have a stiffness in their bones. What a perfect combination! As per the lyrics, these women aren’t even beauty queens. But their voluptuous bodies make up for any lack in beauty.

Queen wasn’t out of base when they pronounce their attraction towards big women. A study shown on TIME magazine says that “when men were placed in stressful situations, then asked to rate the attractiveness of women of varying body sizes, they tended to prefer beefier frames, compared with unstressed men whose tastes skewed thinner.” We can only imagine the stress Queen was under for their public stunts and continuous touring.

“Fat Bottomed Girls” is an adoration towards women who are in shape. It, by no means, attempts to disgrace or objectify women.

What do you make of “Fat Bottomed Girls” single by Queen? Let us know in the comments below.

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  1. This, by far, is my favorite Queen song. Backed, of course, with Bicycle Race. Freddy, you are truly missed!

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