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Juice WRLD – Empty (Lyrics Review and Song Meaning)

Juice WRLD dropped his sophomore studio album ‘Death Race for Love’ on March 8, 2019 and we are more than pleasantly surprised. The 20-year-old American rapper talks about many modern issues and gets very open in this 22-track massive album.

Written and produced by Nick Mira, “Empty” tackles some inner demons faced by Juice WRLD in a dark time of his life. And the easy way out of these dark, twisted times is to numb your senses, and the quickest solution for that would be drugs.

In “Empty,” Juice WRLD talks about getting high on lean, pills, drugs and inhaling dope. However, the singer does mention that he is “not suicidal” even though he seems to go overboard on the drugs when he sings “OD, feel like overdosing.” In Juice WRLD’s Twitter page, one can see many Tweets on depression by the rapper.

In these lyrics, we hear Juice WRLD rapping how ’empty’ he feels all the time. He talks abou suicide, as not an out from his life, but the constant fear of overdosing looms in his head as well.

Whatever caused this trauma to the rapper, seems to have happened in the comfort of his own home. He feels as if he lives inside a blackhole. A blackhole is a spacetime theorum that suggests to have incredible gravitational pull that even light particles cannot escape its pulll; hence appearing black all the time. A blackhole in common reference is used to identify something draining all energy out of someone–sucking all the light and energy.

His feeling of ’emptiness’ has him losing his mind. He doubts if he is losing his sanity. And the worst part is there is no place else to run to. If these emotions keep on accumulating, he might break and go “rogue.”

Listen to “Empty” by Juice WRLD

‘Death Race for Love’ premiered two singles before release; “Robbery” and “Hear Me Calling,” the former was a big hit.

Juice WRLD also announced a ‘Death Race for Love’ North American tour starting off in April from Vancouver, Canada and running till June in the USA.


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Full Lyrics to “Empty” by Juice WRLD

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