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Iggy Azalea Drops “Sally Walker” Video (Lyrics Review)

Iggy Azalea drops the first music for 2019 from her upcoming sophomore studio album ‘In My Defense.’ The new single and video “Sally Walker” follows a twerk-heavy beat but Iggy twerks only once in the video!

“Sally Walker” is a remix of the popular children’s rhyme dance game ‘Little Sally Walker.’ However, the song has been redone to talk about Iggy’s haters and boast about her success over them.

The music video, directed by Collin Tilly, shows one sister named Sally Walker getting hit on the road and dying. The entire music video follows the funeral of this sister as Iggy Azalea creates one of the most dark and entertaining funerals ever.

Releasing the single and video on March 15, Iggy Azalea thanked everyone who helped on this project; “Before I go truly crazy retweeting and enjoying the release can I just say how genuinely grateful & appreciative iam of @SheaCoulee @jamescharles @VanessaVanjie & @TheOnlyMayhem for coming and making my video next level memorable. 💕.”

The single reached #1 on iTunes within hours of release, to no one’s surprise, due to the catchy lyrics and rhythm.

“All of you bitches is mad at me
Pro’ly mad cause you ain’t in my tax bracket”

This video has us thinking who else would do a better job than Iggy Azalea for a funeral service! They have a cheering squad. The dudes carrying the coffin are dancing and there’s a tattooed red lady Iggy on the trunk of the car. It’s very festive, despite the gruesome death that occurred.

Iggy Azalea’s upcoming second studio album ‘In My Defense’ is expected in May 2019.

Comment what you think about this song and the music video after the lyrics below.

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