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Watch Sofia Reyes’ All-Female “R.I.P.” Video Featuring Rita Ora and Anitta (Review)

A trio of sexy ladies have united to say no more to bullshit with “R.I.P.” single and video-a truly sensational dance track.

Sofia Reyes dropped her latest single and music video “R.I.P.” featuring Rita Ora and Anitta for guest vocals. The music video, while vibrant, colourful and entertaining, is also a work of art as the girls dance away to the music. There is a lot of face painting too.

The song also bases around the theme “R.I.P. to the BS” meaning these ladies have no time for the bullshit of the boys that hit on them. Hence, the song stands as an anthem for female empowerment as well. The music video contains an all-female cast as well.

All three artists were excited to share this new collaboration on their social media. Rita Ora Tweeted; “So happy to be apart of this one, RIP w/ the amazing @SoSofiaReyes and @Anitta. I hope you vibes with this as much as we do! Ladies stand up!.” Anitta shared “Don’t waste your time on what they’re saying” on Twitter.

The song is part of the second studio album of Sofia Reyes expected in 2019. She also premiered the first single “1, 2, 3” in February 2018.

What a great beat to start off the weekend.

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