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Here’s Why Taylor Swift’s 7th Album Will Be an Exact Opposite to ‘Reputation’ Album (Picture Proof)

“And I just want to let you know that, where there’s new music you will be first to know” said Taylor Swift accepting her award for ‘Tour of the Year’ at iHeartRadio Awards 2019. This has us intrigued about what Taylor could be hinting at us, and we thought to see if there are dots we can connect.

Something we do know is that TS7 is due quite soon. Taylor Swift has been releasing a new studio album every two years, and this pattern has broken only once, in 2017 with her last studio album ‘Reputation.’ We also know that Taylor Swift ended her contract with Big Machine Records after 12-years with the company, and signed a new multi-album contract with Republic Records. We are not aware of the nitty gritties of the deal with Republic Records, but we are quite certain that Taylor Swift would love to keep the album hiatus at a constant pace. So, ‘Reputation’ album released on November 10, 2017, and we are closing in on the two year anniversary of its release.

Understanding ‘Reputation’ Album

Before we jump into the upcoming 7th studio album by Taylor Swift, it would serve best to understand the theme of her last album ‘Reputation.’ This album was known as the ‘darkest’ on her discography. Taylor Swift used to chirp about romance and cuddles and heartbreak in her previous albums and ‘Reputation’ saw a whole new side of her. The mostly grunge-themed album contained songs about love, romance and heartbreak such as “Delicate,” “Getaway Car,” “King of My Heart,” “Gorgeous” and so on. But it also contained some darker lyrics such as “Don’t Blame Me,” “This Is Why We Can’t Have Nice Things” and the infamous “Look What You Made Me Do.” Most of these songs’ inspirations are derived from her personal experiences of heartache, media, rumours, and Kim Kardashian’s comment on Taylor being a ‘snake.’ She also went through breakups with Calvin Harris and Tom Hiddleston which went very public. So it is not hard to imagine how these rather dark times spun a darker album by Taylor Swift: ‘Reputation.’

What Will TS7 Look Like?

The fields have really changed for Taylor Swift since 2017. She launched her massively successful ‘Reputation’ album and took on the record-setting ‘Reputation’ World Tour and added a dozen more awards to her cabinet since 2017. She must be happy.

On top of that Taylor Swift has been having a very steady relationship with British actor Joe Alwyn since 2017. The two have managed to keep a great deal of their relationship private and it has thrived in secrecy.

So Taylor Swift must be happy!

And a happy artist could only produce happy music. During the ‘Reputation’ era, Taylor’s Instagram feed was glorified in black and red-the theme colours of her album and outlook of her life.

Lately, Taylor’s Instagram feed and her general outlooks have chaned drastically. Everything looks so dreamy and glittery and vibrant and shiny. If this is not a reflection of her feelings of late, we do not know what it is. And we do know that Taylor Swift loved to drop hints and tease her fans.

For example, this simple picture of an outdoors with the caption “🌴🌴🌴🌴🌴🌴🌴 ” should be an obvious hint at her upcoming 7th studio album. And she clearly did not just randomly capture and caption 7 palm trees for this picture.

Her Instagram posts have turned to princess-y of late. There’s a lot of glow effects and light ray effects involved. A few rainbows as well. And fan theories started rolling in.


Nothing is official yet, but reading into these pictures and fan theories makes us wonder if Taylor Swift really is dropping a fluttery, happy and chirpy new album in 2019. If so when? We will hear soon enough.

Take a look at the dreamy pictures from Taylor’s Instagram feed and from her public appearances.

Also Taylor Swift has been photoghraped on several ocassions leaving a recording studio in LA. So we know she is up to something!

Taylor Swift will have to pull some serious magic to beat her ‘Reputation’ album success. So it would not be a surprise if she decides to cross or mix genres in her new album. But then again, Taylor Swift managed to get a static recording on her phone reach #1 on iTunes in one day. So what can’t she really do? So Taylor Swift just might pull something totally new.

Looks like the ‘older Taylor’ may come to the phone afterall…!!!

What do you think about TS7? Any guesses on how the album will actually turn out to be?

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