why don't we i don't belong in this club lyrics review

Why Don’t We – I Don’t Belong in This Club Ft. Macklemore (Lyrics Review and Song Meaning)

Don’t you hate it when you get dressed up and gather your groove and go to the club only to experience the biggest let down ever? We all have been in this awkward situation described by Why Don’t We and Macklemore on “I Don’t Belong in This Club.”

“I Don’t Belong in This Club” is a brand new single by Why Don’t We, possibly from their upcoming second studio album. This is the band’s third release for 2019, following “Big Plans” and “Cold in LA.”

This is Why Don’t We’s first collaboration with Macklemore. The band also teased that a music video will be dropping tomorrow.


In this song, we hear a very poor experience of a club by Why Don’t We and Macklemore. It starts off with some guy cutting the queue to the club infron of Why Don’t We. But they had paid an entry fee as well! They have been waiting at the queue for hours and they don’t even have enough energy to smile for a selfie. They want to go home so badly, but they don’t want to give up on the night.

Then when you do enter the club it’s as bad at the waiting. The DJ keeps on playing the same loud beat over and over again. And there are dudes wearing shades in the pitch darkness of the club!

And the band members have little to no energy to keep up with the fast-paced club music. They say they are “jaded” which means to get exhausted from overdoing something. They are seriously considering their choices as to why they got into this club in the first place.

Watch the official music video below.

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Macklemore joins in on the vocals to explain a bad clubbing experience he had on “I Don’t Belong in This Club” track. First off, he is not recognized at the club entrance despite being a #1 hit-maker across the world courtesy to singles such as “Thrift Shop,” “Can’t Hold Us,” “Same Love” and more. He ends up waiting in the exhaustingly long queue. “Polo with the bolo” is a reference to the upcoming fashion trend of “Polo Bolo.”

Macklemore gets inside the club and it’s not groovy at all. DJ is playing “In My Feelings” by Drake and Macklemore starts thinking about his ex. And now he is lost. He does not know how to dance to this beat. What does he do with his hands? Everything goes sour and he is about to leave. Just then the DJ screams “Macklemore in the house tonight.” Either Macklemore is recognized or his songs are coming up. Either way, Macklemore will not be able to escape this trap.

Rather a funny and entertaining track by Why Don’t We in collaboration with Macklemore. Let us know what you think about this song in the comments below.

The music video tells us that Why Don’t We members were actually not allowed to be in the club as they were underage thus inspiring the song.

Full Lyrics to “I Don’t Belong in This Club” by Why Don’t We Ft. Macklemore

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