billie eilish all the good girls go to hell

Billie Eilish – all the good girls go to hell (Lyrics Review and Song Meaning)

“all the good girls go to hell” is the 5th track on the brand new debut album ‘WHEN WE ALL FALL ASLEEP, WHERE DO WE GO?’ by Billie Eilish released on March 29, 2019.

In this song, Billie Eilish uses many religious, or Christian symbology to tell her story of how even God needs the devil. The world is forever in balance with good and evil, as ying-yang.

In the first verse of “all the good girls go to heaven,” Billie Eilish draws a comparison of the heaven with the Earth. There is so much evil happening in the world and most of them at the promise of divine retribution as well. This makes Billie wonder if Saint Peter, the guardian of the entrance to heaven, is on vacation.

So if the evil doers are promised heaven and its salvation, there is only one place for the good girls to end up in–hell. The Pearly Gates represent the gates at the entrance to heaven. Billie wonders what good are those gates if your friends cannot pass them inside.

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Billie Eilish also draws an important statement here. She refers to God as ‘her’ putting forth her opinion of God’s gender to be feminine which has been a debated topic of late.

In the chorus of the song, Billie Eilish states that even God would want her enemies close to her in the end game. Devil or Lucifer is an angel condemned to hell. In other words, Devil is one and the same as God herself.

In the second verse of “all the good girls go to hell,” Billie Eilish shows no remorse towards the mankind or male kind. She says that men are weakest and rely on the strength of women. Her comparison of God to a female in the previous verse assists her arguments in these lyrics.

Billie Eilish is convinced that men have no place in heaven. Men are foolish and easily manipulated. They poison themselves is probably a reference to the alcoholism and drug addiction a majority of men suffer from. With these credentials, why are men admitted through the Pearly Gates?

On the outro, Billie laughs and says that she cannot deal with this ‘snowflake.’ A ‘snowflake’ is a popular idiom referencing ‘weak’ people. She might be throwing her final hint at a weak man in her life with these lyrics.

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