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Taylor Swift Welcomes New Kitten: Benjamin Button! See the Adorable Pics

We would have imagined Taylor Swift to surround herself with a dozen cats and become a crazy cat lady by her thirties when she was single. But, now even though she is in a solid relationship with actor Joe Alwyn, she has proven us that her love for cats is real. Welcome, Benjamin Button to the fandom!

Taylor Swift premiered the first music off of her upcoming 7th studio album on April 26th and one of the main attractions was when the collaborator Brendon Urie gifts Taylor an adorable brown-and-white kitten. Taylor seems to be more pleased with this gift than flowers or an engagement ring. Take notes, Joe!

Little did we know that Taylor Swift actually has been having this gorgeous little thing with her for a while and was dying to reveal the secret with the fandom. Soon after the music video aired, Taylor Swift posted a picture of her with Benjamin captioning “And then there were three…” not forgetting her old companions–Olvia Benson and Meredith Grey.

Taylor also went on to post a few more pictures and videos of Benjamin Button being adorable and Taylor being the best kitten-mommy there is.

Taylor also posted two other absolutely stunning pictures of Benjamin Button posing hard!

And we get to hear the sweet little “puurrrss” of Benjamin as well.

This would not be the last time we see Benjamin Button. He is already one of the most viewed kittens out there, making a world debut on “ME!” music video.

Speaking with Time magazine, Taylor Swift did express her love for cats. She named cats as one of the biggest influences on her life.

Watch the below pics of Meredith Grey, Olivia Benson and Benjamin as kittens when Taylor adopted them and melt away.

The name ‘Benjamin Button’ is inspired by the movie titled ‘The Curious Case of Benjamin Button‘ from 2008.

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