Here Are Taylor Swift’s Top 3 Influences: Tumblr, Paul McCartney and Cats

We already know that Taylor Swift is among the elite list of people whom got inducted to Time Magazine’s ‘top 100 most influential people of the world’ of 2019 list. This honor befell her for her outstanding contribution to music, entreprenuerial sense and love of everything good and glittery!

But what does influence Taylor Swift?

In an interview with Time magazine, Taylor Swift spoke about the top 3 influential factors on her life. Two of them aren’t quite surprising.

(1) Tumblr posts

I go on Tumblr and it’s like a window into what my fans are going through. They post about their lives, they post about what they are into, what they think is cool, what they think is unjust or problematic. Basically, they are very expressive and it makes me feel like I can know them better. So, I definitely go down the Tumblr rabit hole a lot.

Taylor Swift was very active on Tumblr a few years back as she used the social media profile as an outlet to communicate with her fans. The word Taylurking came into being because of Taylor’s excessive stalking of fans’ profiles. You can connect with Taylor on Tumblr here.

(2) Paul McCartney

I look at Paul McCartney and see how he’s had this amazing career. He’s just created unparalleled art. And you know, probably been faced with more pressure than most people. And he’s always known to be kind to people, respectful. Also really selfless as a performer. I also like his new music too. He’s still got it.

(3) Cats

I have cats. I am obsessed with them. They are just a real joy to live with. And I love my cats so much that when a role came up in a movie called ‘Cats’ I just thought like “I’ve gotta do this. This is my calling in my life to do this for the ladies. So I went to cat school which they have on set readily available for us and learned how to be like a cat as much as possibly I could.

Taylor Swift is the proud mommy of two cats–Olivia Benson and Meredith.

Taylor Swift with Olivia and Meredith (Image:

Watch the full interview here.

What are your biggest influences in life? Drop a comment below.

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