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Taylor Swift’s 7th Studio Album Title and Second Single Title Are Hidden in “ME!” Video. Here Are Our Guesses!

Put your detective hats on! ‘Cuz the mother of Swifties has announced: “the new album title is actually revealed somewhere in the video AND so is the title of the second single, but I haven’t seen people finding them yet…”

Taylor Swift premiered the first single “ME!” off of her upcoming 7th studio album on April 26th and it has ushered in a new era for Taylor as well as the Swifties army worldwide. This new era is in perfect contrast to the previous ‘Reputation’ era. The main reason for this change is that Taylor is in love and all the colours and emotions of a blissful love are embedded in the new lyrics and visuals.

Taylor also released a music video to go with the first single “ME!” and we knew were going to get hit with many easter eggs. So, we decrypted some and looks like we have missed the main points.

Today, Taylor Swift announced that the #TS7 album actual title is hidden within the music video. In fact, hints to the title of the second single, too, are hidden within the video. So, we have to re-watch the music video a couple hundred more times to figure this out.

So, we have done some brain crunching and come up with some album and song titles, and we have got the assistance from the massive fan base as well.

Possible TS7 Album Or Second Single Titles

  • Kaleidoscope – simply because of how vibrant and happy this new era is
  • Lover – the pink neon sign in the background when Brendon parachutes down to Taylor Swift at 1:56 mark
  • Awesome – this appears in the lyrics of the song and Taylor wore a sweatshirt with the same wording
  • Angels – there is an angel playing the piano at 2:26 mark
  • Team – Taylor spells out this word in her ‘spelling is fun’ session in the video
  • ‘pattern design’ (or something) – tune to 2:17 to 2:18 marks in the video and look at the purple heart and you will see a phrase appearing for a split second
  • 13 – the song title “ME!” is fashioned as such the ‘E’ looks like a ‘3’ (source)
  • Rainbow – quite a few rainbow appearances throughout the video
  • Butterflies, collaboration with Dixie Chicks, Umbrella, Clouds, Jump…

Do let us know what you prophecise to be the album title and the second single title of Taylor Swift’s TS7 below in the comments.

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