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Taylor Swift’s AWESOME Merchandise Inspired by ‘ME!’ Era Available Now

Although Taylor Swift hinted that the official #TS7 album title is hidden in the music video of its first single “ME!,” a fandom of Swifties scratching their brains together have failed to discover the album title. So, we are just going to call this the ‘ME!’ era for now.

Much like all other previous eras, ‘Taylor Swift,’ ‘Red,’ ‘Speak Now,’ ‘Reputation’ and so on, Taylor Swift has released some cool merchandise inspired by this brand new, sparkly and glittery 2019 era. The goodies put out so far, are inspired by the lead single “ME!” and they all look gorgeous.

The t-shirts put out have pink roses, flower garlands, rainbows, Taylor and the keyword ‘AWESOME.’ Why ‘awesome?’ Because, there is a ‘me’ in it.

“You can’t spell awesome without ME!, t-shirt.

Taylor Swift also has a few collections released and coming up. Different days in April, since the release of the single on April 26th, she has released several collections including different designs and goodies.

Beige Tote with Floral Design

On top of the t-shirts, Taylor also has bags, popsockets, hats, crop tees and more.

taylor swift me! ts7 long sleeve crop tee
Pink Colour Fade Long Sleeve Crop Tee

We can imagine that Swifties will be getting a few more designs and collections in the days to come and we can be guaranteed that all of them will be sparkly and beautiful.

You can check out more goodies and shop them on the official store.

However, if you are looking for more, there are some cool designs and concepts put forth by third parties. These goodies include iPhone cases, t-shirts, phone covers, caps, sweaters, hoodies and more. Shop for them on Amazon.

Did you already shop for these AWESOME goodies from this new era by Taylor Swift? If so, what are they. Leave your recommendations in the comments below.

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