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Logic Drops ‘Confessions of a Dangerous Mind’ Album (Tracklist, Features, Artwork, Review)

Sir Robert Bryson Hall II best known by his stage name Logic has released his much awaited 5th studio album ‘Confessions of a Dangerous Mind’ on May 10, 2019.

Whif of a new album by Logic was suspected when the rapper released its first single titled “Keanu Reeves” in January 2019. The second single and album’s title track was released along with a music video in March 2019. The last work to drop before the album release was the highly anticipated collaboration with Eminem titled “Homicide” released just two days prior.

Running up to 55 minutes within 16 new tracks, ‘Confessions of a Dangerous Mind’ primarily focuses on highlighting some serious issues with society these days. The songs, music, features and lyricism are all impressive throughout the tracklist.

Decrypting ‘Confessions of a Dangerous Mind’ Album Artwork


The official album artwork is full of hints and easter eggs. There are some Japanese words on the person’s t-shirt which read ‘Thaila” and is a reference to a character in Logic’s second studio album ‘Incredible True Story.’

Notice the smartphone on the person’s hand which has a yellow screen with a red heart in the middle. The yellow screen is a metaphor for social media., presumably. The person holding two fingers out, resembling ‘peace’ sign, has smudgy yellow gue on his hand. This expresses that the person has been excessively indulged in social media. Also, notice the demon face breaking out from the person’s head, has yellow eyes, which sums up the story of desctruction the social media does to a person.

The person’s red jacket has the Adidas symbol (a part of it covered) and the words ‘Anxiety’ has been printed right below the symbol as its tagline. This is a clever way of saying how consumerism has caused us to second guess about ourselves within society.

The words ‘Ultra’ underneath the ‘Anxiety’ logo is suspected to a hint at Logic’s next album.

Full Tracklist of ‘Confessions of a Dangerous Mind’ by Logic

  1. Confessions of a Dangerous Mind
  2. Homicide (Ft. Eminem)
  3. Wannabe
  4. clickbait
  5. Mama / Show Love (Ft. YBN Cordae)
  6. Out of Sight
  7. Pardon My Ego
  8. COMMANDO (Ft. G-Eazy)
  9. Icy (Ft. Gucci Mane)
  10. Still Ballin (Ft. Wiz Khalifa)
  11. Cocaine
  12. Limitless
  13. Keanu Reeves
  14. Don’t Be Afraid to Be Different (Ft. Will Smith)
  15. BOBBY (Ft. Smokey Legendary)
  16. Lost in Translation

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Logic made out the album to be an x-ray vision into the makings and breakings of the modern society. Songs such as “clickbait” and “wannabe” are dedicated to unraveling the chaos that is ‘social media.’ ‘Likes’ and ‘hearts’ have become an infestation that has ruined the brain faculties of the youth. And Logic says how most of the time, the life you show everybody on social media is not in fact your real life. Social media is an escape and some times, you cannot escape.

The first track on the album, also titled “Confessions of a Dangerous Mind,” spits out what it has been like living under the limelight for Logic. The stardom, often glorified online, is not in fact the bliss anybody is looking for. In the song, Logic confesses that it only led him to depression and anxiety, for which he turned to prescription drugs. This is usually the downward spiral of a superstar.

Logic’s collaboration with Eminem, titled “Homicide” is a whole different spin on the album theme. In this track, both artists try to outmatch each other on the ‘supersonic’ speed rapping, while establishing that they top other artists in the genre.


Also, on a different tune is “Don’t Be Afraid to Be Different” featuring Will Smith. In this, both superstars elaborate on what has made them stand apart from the rest. Will Smith also highlights that he won a Grammy award for ‘Best Rap Performance’ for his hit single “Parents Just Don’t Understand” with DJ Jazzy Jeff in 1989.

On “Cocaine,” Logic shouts out to the fellow African Americans who have been mistreated and suffering right under the tag of ‘justice.’ He sings how this mistreatment has led the ‘black man’ to survive off the streets, and for this they get jailed or worse again. The entire system should be adjusted.

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