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Jhene Aiko is “Triggered” About an Ex in New Freestyle (Lyrics Review)

Jhene Aiko returns to music after a struggling period in her personal life after calling their relationship quits with rapper Big Sean in March 2019. The new fresstyle titled “Triggered” is a vent of frustration of relationships with an ex-boyfriend whom she goes quite hard on this track.

“Triggered” is Jhene Aiko’s release in 2019 and it has already turned some heads. This made Jhene Aiko go on Twitter to explain that it is not a “diss” track.

“triggered” was a moment. a moment that for me has passed. it is new to you because ur just now hearing it, but for me… it’s something i moved on from the moment i expressed it.

triggered is NOT a diss song. it is a moment of talking shit out of frustration and passion. it’s was a moment of exaggerated expression when I was feeling lost and weak. no one is to be blamed or bashed for how I was feeling in that moment. I am in control of my feelings.

Whatever it takes for you to move on, Jhene Aiko, we understand!

The music video released along with the freestyle shows Jhene Aiko in a darkened backdrop, possibly by a beach, and expressing her raw feelings through the lyrics. She gets quite explicit, calling him a “muhfucker” and she explains how she did not let anyone ever “hit her” except for him. “Hit her” in slang refers to sex. But it was not enough to keep him by her side forever.

Jhene Aiko and Big Sean (Image: Billboard)

However, in the fourth verse of “Triggered,” Jhene Aiko seems to calm down. She confesses that she might have overreacted and asks for time to heal up.

All that’s history
I’ll calm down eventually
Fall back eventually, please
Call me back eventually

Lyrics on

Those are some unresolved emotions right there…

Watch “Triggered” Music Video by Jhené Aiko

Fans theorized that the song could only be about her ex-Big Sean. But neither party has confirmed it.

On Instagram, Jhene Aiko once commented that her upcoming 2019 album will all be freestyles and she will use them to talk about her feelings about her relationships of past, present and future.

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