logic clickbait lyrics review and song meaning

Logic – clickbait (Lyrics Review and Song Meaning)

“clickbait” is the fourth track on Logic’s fifth studio album ‘Confessions of a Dangerous Mind’ released on May 10, 2019.

Befitting the theme of the album, “clickbait” talks about the social issues of the world, especially ones affecting and damaging the youth. Drugs, social media, mental health and consumerism over humanity are repetitve themes we find in this track.

The term ‘clickbait’ is Internet slang for the usage of an overly exaggerated or ‘bait’ heading or image to get a user to click on a link/video online. May be, the chorus of the song, which goes on repeat about how amazing you are, is also a clickbait for the audience to listen to the much bitter truth that comes in the later verse.

In the only verse occuring on this track, Logic talks about some serious issues of modern-day society. First and foremost; the influence of social media on the youth. Social media has pushed us to forever be insecure about what we do not have. There is always another kid who has the latest Nikes or mobile phone that you dream of having. You end up cultivating thoughts of greed, lust, jealousy and hatred. Social media is full of garbage. The words that come out of our mouths are actually garbage fed into us through social media. There is no thinking process anymore. It’s just re-iteration of the same dump of garbage information everywhere.

Most of the time, our lives look perfect online. Nobody posts pictures of a family feud. Nobody comments about the time they cheated on their spouse. Everybody has picturesque stories online. The onlookers–more of us–see these and start to compare our lives with those pictures, and we decide that ours is garbage. And the ‘garbage’ mindset would turn into a reality. ‘You become what you think.’

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Logic painfully talks about the memory of late rapper Lil Peep and how the society and media have used his death as a campaign of monetization. Lil Peep died of an overdose in November 2017. Since then, many of Lil Peep’s music has been released posthumously by his management and family, which have become bigger hits than when he was alive. Logic pleads to let his soul rest.

Logic also bashes at The Breakfast Club host Charlamagne tha God who has a reputation of stirring up controversy to keep the hype up for the segment. Logic calls him ‘shameless’ and says he has no respect for people like Charlamagne. Charlamagne also fueled the feud between Machine Gun Kelly (MGK) and Eminem by bringing on MGK on his show and bashing Eminem for the mention of MGK on Em’s new album ‘Kamikaze.’ Logic is an avid Stan of Eminem as witnessed through their collaboration “Homicide,” also on ‘Confessions of a Dangerous Mind’ album.

What do you think about “clickbait” by Logic and what are your favourite tracks on the new album? Drop a comment below.

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