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Tyler, The Creator – I Think (Lyrics Review and Song Meaning)

“I Think” is the third track on Tyler, The Creator’s fifth studio album ‘IGOR‘ released on May 17, 2019. The entire album takes on the topic of relationships and “I Think” is about Tyler pondering what this current relationship means to him.

‘IGOR’ album tackles some personal experiences of Tyler, The Creator with regards to relationships. The tracklist of 12 songs narrates a story of Tyler falling in and out of love in order. Throughout this journey, we come across instances of insanity, jealousy, love, doubt, clarity, redemption and more life experiences. Songs such as “Earfquake” talk about how much of an impact his love affairs has on Tyler. Another song, “New Magic Wand” explores Tyler’s murderous intents spun out of envy.

“I Think” features vocals by Solange, although uncredited as in all other songs on the album. On an Instagram story by Tyler, he mentioned that this song was recorded in Lake Como in Italy.

Tyler also prides himself on the fact that he is the lyricist, vocalist, recorder and producer of all the tracks on ‘IGOR.’

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There are only two verses in the song, which takes us into the inner-most thoughts of Tyler about this wreck of a relationship that he is currently in.

Verse 1

On the first verse of “I Think,” Tyler explains how baffled he is with the current situation of this relationship. Tyler’s motives in this relationship has him quite confused. He is left to question himself if he should break up and move on from this relationship.

Tyler, The Creator shouts out to the movie ‘Call Me By Your Name‘ released in 2017. The movie is about the relationship of two guys, which Tyler would have used here in reference to his own sexuality.

Although this relationship is a mess, Tyler does not want to move on just yet. He mentions “I Want You” (1976) song written by Leon Ware and performed by Marvin Gaye to express his feelings for his partner.

“Curiosity killed the feline” is a spin on the popular phrase “curiosity killed the cat,” meaning that too much interest in a subject could have negative effects on our emotions towards it. Tyler may be hinting that his interests in homosexuality killed his interests on heterosexuality, or even towards homosexuality. Or both.


Tyler, The Creator and Solange tackle the chorus of “I Think.” These lines indicate that Tyler is falling in love with this other person, and it seems to be a one-sided love interest.

Verse 2

In the second verse of “I Think,” Tyler explains how bad the situation really is. He name drops a business personality-Jim Henson, the founder and creator of The Muppets franchise. These stories take on the lives of animated puppets. Tyler, The Creator is much like a puppet being controlled by the heartstrings attached to his lover.

The same idea appears in ‘IGOR’ album again in the eighth track titled “Puppet” featuring Kanye West.

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Complete Lyrics to “I Think” by Tyler, The Creator

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