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Watch Halsey Twerk in Cowboy Latex to “Old Town Road” Remix

It is no secret that Lil Nas X’s breakthrough hit “Old Town Road” has created a cultural sensation. The song, remixed with Billy Ray Cyrus, is standing 6 weeks on top of Billboard Hot 100 chart as of now. It was once dropped from the Billboard Country chart which added to the song’s controversed stardom.

A lot of people have done a dance choreography to “Old Town Road” remix by Lil Nas X and Billy Ray Cyrus. So did many celebrities. A wave of dance routines to the track, titled “#horsesintheback” was uploaded on social media sites by fans.

Halsey joined in on the viral sensation to deliver her own routine for “Old Town Road” music. And it is hot as hell. Halsey dressed in a latex Cowboy outfit, with thigh-high boots and booty-bearing shorts. She even wore a black Cowboy hat to complete the dress.

“when someone says “cowboy themed birthday party” and you already own the chaps @LilNasX” captioned Halsey in the video she shared on Twitter.

The fierce red-head did not mind twerking to the song for all the viewer’s pleasure. If you don’t find this strangely sexy, we don’t know what you will.

Halsey recently released her latest single “Nightmare” from her upcoming studio album.

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