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Charli XCX Premiere “Blame It On Your Love” with Lizzo

Charli XCX and Lizzo have released their first ever collaboration “Blame It On Your Love” on May 15, 2019.

The duo teased upcoming music on their social media profiles last week. Charli XCX, in particular, seemed very excited about the upcoming collaboration; “IMAGINE IF I MADE A SONG WITH @LIZZO AKA THE QUEEN OF EVERYTHING – WOULD U DIE??? I WOULD DIEEEEEEEE!!! PREP MY GRAVE ASAP WE GOT A BOP COMING THIS WEEK.” And it sure is a bop!

However, this song has not been a result of an overnight jamming session. Charli XCX had the song written down for years. Releasing the song, Charli XCX released a note on YouTube; “I HOPE THIS BECOMES UR NEW PARTY ANTHEM 💌 THIS SONG HAS BEEN IN MY LIFE FOR AROUND 3 YEARS NOW AND I’M SO HAPPY TO BE RELEASING IT 💌 I LOVE YOU ALL. LET THE NEW ERA BEGIN!!!!!” The song is a part of Charli’s upcoming third studio album.

The new single “Blame It On Your Love” is about the uneasy feeling that special someone makes you feel. This might even go bad in the worst case scenarios. For an example; the lyrics elaborate how when the guy says THE words, most likely “I love you,” it makes the singer quiver inside and redered speechless. What the guy sees is a woman who does not say that she loves him back. Hence, these could backfire, and the singer has no choice but to blame it on the power of his love.

Listen to “Blame In On Your Love”

We are almost certain that there will be a music video released for this single shortly. Charli XCX posted some BTS photos from what seemed like a recording set.

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