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Cardi B – Press (Lyrics Review and Song Meaning)

“Press” is the brand new single released by rapper Cardi B from her upcoming second studio album. The song was teased as far back as in December 2018 and released on May 31, 2019.

“Press” follows Cardi B’s hit collaboration “Please Me” with Bruno Mars released in March 2019. Together, these songs set the platform for Cardi B’s second studio album after her Platinum-selling debut studio album ‘Invasion of Privacy’ which won ‘Best Rap Album’ at the 2019 annual Grammy Awards.

The new track “Press” targets the media and the bashing artists get on a daily basis pondering their careers and personal lives. Cardi B also seems to be conversing that she might have a lot of haters in the industry, but she is unaffected by any of them as she continues to be the queen of rap. However, the main theme of the song is to boast how well Cardi is doing in the music industry, and flaunting her lux-life.

The artwork revealed for the new single is NSFW. It includes Cardi B fully naked but covered in strategic locations, and she is surrounded by paparazzi with old-school flashbulb cameras. The idea behind this cover art is to show the unquenching thirst of the media to strip celebrities down and expose everything they have–and all for what? money and fame.

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Cardi B uses the word ‘press’ to mean the media, and also to depict a situation of being choked or losing. While Cardi B is suffering the negative consequences of the ever-increasing level of media attention on her, the rivals are choking behind. It has come to a point where Cardi B is refusing any more paparazzi–maybe one of the few artists to reach this status in the least number of years. Cardi B gained worldwide attention after her single “Bodak Yellow” went viral in June 2017. Since then, Cardi has been a dominant force in rap and hip hop business.

The first verse of “Press” is almost entirely targetted at Cardi B’s competition. She uses some descriptive lyrics to describe how she is far ahead of the competition, which has led them to be just jealous and envious. Cardi B also talks about her expensive purchases such as Patek Phillippe wrist watch and VVS jewelry.

In the second verse of “Press,” Cardi B boasts on more high-end purchases she has been able to afford thanks to her stellar career. A New mansion, new Bentley truck, high-end cosmetics such as MAC, Dior products, and still more money to spend than she can fathom how to.

It is more likely than not for “Press” to be released as a music video, and we have it on good faith that the video will be quite explicit. Stay tuned.

There are a few versions of cover arts for the song as shown below (all of them which are explicit).

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Complete Lyrics to “Press” by Cardi B

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