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NF – The Search (Lyrics Review and Song Meaning)

“The Search” is the title track and the lead single from NF’s fourth studio album due in 2019. The song has gained a massive popularity in a short time courtesy of the spit fire rap verses and the eerie music video released along with the premiere of the single.

“The Search” was released on May 30, 2019, after being teased on Twitter a day before. The Michigan-based rapper delves into some issues in his head spinning from the pitfalls of stardom in the song lyrics.

NF’s music video for “The Search” is as bizarre as it gets. The video features NF dragging a shopping cart across a barren land with a dozen black balloons attached to the cart. NF himself is covered in a black hoodie, black sweater and black pants. The entire land looks black. The abuse of black colour in the music video is a reflection of the dark thoughts in his head.

NF’s wife Bridgette shared the location of the music video shooting in an Instagram post. “Now that the music video is out I can share WHERE we all went a month or two ago…,” she captioned the post. ” Nathan let me bring @jenna_scheppeon this adventure to Iceland since he knew he’d be busy shooting a video and I’d need someone to explore with, and let me tell you… this trip was a STRUGGLE.”

Watch the Music Video for “The Search” by NF

There is only one verse in this entire song of 4 minutes. The lyrics appear in the form of a dialogue by Nathan (Nate) with himself. The confessions begin after his conscious asks him ‘how he is doing?’

Nate goes on to elaborate how he nearly had a mental breakdown last year, trying to keep up with the needs of stardom. The touring, the bus rides, the fans, the expectations, the spotlights and sleepless nights could take a massive toll on anyone’s sanity.

NF confesses that he had to see a therapist to understand these strange feelings going through his head. Then only he discovered that he has an issue: “Somethin’ funny’s goin’ on up in my house.” ‘House’ is a metaphor to his head.

Although NF tries to leave his burdens behind, the music video makes it apparent that he just cannot set them all aside. The black balloons resemble his burdens, that follow him around attached to his cart. He credits this to his “human condition:” “Well, I brought a few with me, I’m not perfect.”

NF also confesses to the nerve-wracking sensation he gets when he gets on stage during tours; “I look at the crowd and see so many faces, yeah/That’s when I start to get anxious.” He started it for fame and now it has become too much. He can barely breathe, feeling vomiting, nauseated, but at the same time, he cannot stop.

NF’s take-home message from “The Search” is; “…the mind is a powerful place/And what you feed it can affect you in a powerful way.” So whatever you feed into the mind, is what will be reflected through you. You feed positives, there will be positive outcomes and vice versa. So what does he actually search for? Happiness? Peace? More fame? Freedom? The Search has begun for NF, and his upcoming music will let us know what he finds. What about you?

NF also announced ‘The Search’ North American tour kicking off in September and running through October 2019. There will be stops in Pasadena, Miami, Tennessee, Illinois, British Columbia, Washington DC, Texas, Anaheim and more. Check out tour dates and venues below.

Complete Lyrics to “The Search” by NF

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  1. The thing that has stuck with me when listening to the search is that life isn’t as perfect nor does it go to plan but we have to stay strong and see it through to the end.

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