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Watch Jonas Brothers Perform “S.O.S.” Live on The Today Show

Jonas Brothers released their reunion album ‘Happiness Begins’ on June 7, 2019, however they did not forget their roots in this live performance courtesy of The Today Show.

Jonas Brothers took the stage to reincarnate their 2007 track “S.O.S.” live at The Today Show in an outdoor concert. Needless to say, the Brothers were surrounded by a flock of fans who seemed to have grown up with songs such as these. “S.O.S.” appears in the second studio album released by Jonas Brothers.

The song title is an abbreviation for ‘Save Our Souls,’ which is a cry for help. In the context of the song, the Brothers are seeking help in their failing relationship due to this crazy girlfriend.

Nick Jonas spoke about the song in 2017; “A song that I wrote out of some personal experiences; things that I went through that were kind of tough, but everything worked out. It was really cool that I was able to write the song, came back from what happened and it was finished very quickly. I always write better songs when I have a strong inspiration for them, and for this song I really had a strong inspiration.”

Wacth their live rendition of the song below.

Jonas Brothers did not just stop there. They bounced back to 2019 music by performing their two big hits from the brand new album ‘Happiness Begins.’ The Brothers performed their reunion single “Sucker” and “Cool” live on the ‘citi Concert Series’ organized by The Today Show.

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